Red Carpet Hairstyles



Every woman around here, dream of wearing a stunning hairstyle, which they get sport from some of their favorite celebrities. In addition, these red carpet hairstyles of your favorite celebrity gives you a dramatic change over form your every day look.


When you think about red carpet hairstyles, do not panic that it will be very hard to style and need at least an hour time. Actually, this is not the case because; most celebrities choose hairstyles that are very easy and require very less time, for any red carpet event.


Let us start with some natural looking styles. Loose hairstyles with soft flowy waves with layers facing outward look and the messy centre-partition will be a face flattering style that does not look great only for celebrities.


If you have a long sleek straight dark hair, then show off your length with the simple half up ponytail style. Take a complete section of hair from the crown and tease them at the back. Make the teased hair into a high half ponytail, by giving smooth rounded shape to the lock ends.


Loose side-swept ponytail with some strands wrapping the secure end of the pony is another famous style that is easy to recreate. Make sure you have deep side-part to turn your loose pony waves get a bouncy effect.


These simple hairstyles are a great way to show off your natural textured hair and stay beautiful with any dresses.


Selena Gomez luscious side-swept curls with long layered hair are one of the most popular red carpet styles. Pull off all the hair into a side-parted one and curl them up using a big barrel curling iron, to make the thick curls look voluminous and perfect.


Some vintage hairstyles are also popular in red carpet styles, which many stars choose to flaunt. Retro waves with textured side sweep style, is suitable for medium length hair and with any bang style. For any enhancement to this style, you can add any hair accessories to match the vintage look.


Braid styles are equally a famous style comparing with any other red carpet hairstyles. Messy side fishtail braid with side sweeping texture is a better idea for long locks. Along with the sharp side layered bangs, the messy flair will complement the precise braid perfectly.




Other than the loose styles, some tight high bun hairstyles are in the red carpet list without which it remains incomplete. Super smooth sleek combed backwards hair and high glossy bun with any braid, neatly wrapped around the bun will for sure help you stand out in the crowd.


If you do not want to go high bun style, the alternative option is the high ponytail with braided wrap. Pull off all the hair into a sleek straight-combed backwards style and make into a tight ponytail at the crown.


Now, make the ponytail into two sections and make thick twists with slightly widened braid style, which should wrap with another braid section.


More styles that are popular red carpet hairstyles include double braided low side bun with hair brooch or upside down French braid with high puffy crown and much more.

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