Rat Tail Hairstyles For Men



39. Rat tail hairstyles for men:


The rat tail hairstyle was an extremely popular hairstyle in America during this 1980’s. Today, this once popular hairstyle is making a comeback. This hairstyle is extremely popular in New Zealand and Australia and is a look sported by many Soccer players around the world. You can use this hairstyle and achieve hair art. Your friends are bound to be surprised. Just remember to leave your hair long at the back so that you can get a rat tail. Another popular rat tail hairstyle can be achieved by combing it to the back and then tying it into a braid. This gives volume and definition to your look.




You could also choose to layer your hair in way that the hair at the bottom is longer than the hair at the top. You could achieve the full look with the help of a careful micro braid. If you are someone who has curly hair then the rat tail hairstyle will look really good on you. Leave the top of your hair curly but straighten the hair at the back of your head. This hairstyle will look really cool with micro braids at the back. You can achieve the choppy hairstyle by cutting your hair into different layers. The hair will be long at the back of your head.


You could cut the sides of your hair to medium length and leave the hair at the centre of your head long. You can then use your hands to style the front of your hair into a Mohawk. The remainder of your hair can be braided into a rat tail. If you are someone who has long hair then your rat tail can be as long as you please. Just remember that you need to keep the remaining of your hair relatively short. If you wish to go for a chunkier look, then make sure that you grow your hair well. If you have thick hair then you can achieve a thick rat tail braid.


The fish tail braid is a unique hairstyle for men. In this hairstyle you will use 2 strands of hair instead of using 3 as you normally might do. To achieve this look you may have to straighten your hair. If you are someone who has a very thin rat tail hairstyle then you could try tying your hair into a small micro braid. Keep in mind that it might be difficult to style a micro braid that is thin. The 80’s rat tail style is a classic rat tail haircut. To achieve this look you will have to get my volume into your hair. The loose hair can be set in order with the help of hair gel.


With the help of trimmers, you could get a flat rat shaped hair at the back of your head. By leaving a long strand of your hair below, it could represent the tail of the rat. You could add a little bit of variety by adding curls at the bottom of your head. All you will need is a pencil and some hair gel.

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