Rasta Hair For Men And Women



The Rasta hair or Rastafarian hair as it is called in some quarters, is most commonly referred to as dreadlocks. Now, this is not just simply another hairstyle. The wearing of dreadlocks as practiced in the Rastafarian culture is their way of honouring God. There is apparently a passage in the bible which forbids the nazarite from cutting their hair.


The Rastafarian culture promotes natural living and they strongly believe that cutting the hair inhibits the hair from being in its natural state. So, they just let the hair grow naturally till they turn into dreadlocks in the most natural manner possible.




This style of hair however, is not limited to the Rastafarian culture but is also well followed in the African, Asian and European cultures. Most importantly, it has been accepted as a sort of fashion statement too. But down the years, quite a few big names have rocked the so-called dreadlocks.




Bob Marley. Yes, the late great Bob Marley who didn’t thing a boy should start crying if he didn’t have a girl and even song a song about it, was inseparable from his trademark dreadlocks. And, it is next to impossible imagining him without his Rasta hair. But the dreadlocks didn’t just stop with Marley.




The actress Whoopi Goldberg has been wearing dreadlocks for a long time now and it’s doubtful she will be giving up on them any time soon. Even, the hip hop recording artist, Lil Wayne has been sporting dreadlocks for quite a while now and quite recently he has been throwing some colour in the mix as well.




American singer and songwriter Lenny Kravitz sported one of the longest dreadlocks in the business at one time. And, boy did it look cool. Singer Shakira known for her soulful songs, sported blonde dreadlocks at one time albeit in a much tamer fashion. But just when one would think that blonde dreadlocks was pushing it enough, the world has also seen bleached dreadlocks.  This look has been pulled off by none other than Lady Gaga! Perhaps the only one who could have possibly done it was her!


In the 1990’s however it was American actress, Lisa Bonet, who popularized the dreadlock hairstyle and still swears by it today. Her husband, Jason Momoa, better known as Khal Drogo of Game of Thrones fame, also sported brown dreadlocks.




In 2015, singer Zendaya shocked quite a few people when she arrived on the Oscars night sporting well fashioned dreadlocks. Some critics didn’t take too kindly but the singer didn’t bother even as stereotypic comments were passed around in the media. It was even remarked that her hair smelled of weed. But the young actress didn’t care and made it clear that dreadlocks are like any other hairdo.




Yes, Rasta hair is a kind of style that is so out of the box that it takes a bit getting used to. But it is not that hard to accept. After all this is a hairstyle that was embraced by the likes of Bob Marley and even a Harvard professor. It is just such a unique hairdo, that it deserves a niche of its own!

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