Quiff Cut For Men And Women



One of the coolest hair trends of 2017 is the quiff haircut. This cool looking haircut works well with both short and medium length hair. This haircut which has quite the choppy texture is styled forwards and up in the front.  This slick look has been a hot favourite for not just the men but also the women. The quiff, also known as the pompadour hairstyle is defined as a rockabilly hairstyle. As far as Wikipedia is concerned the quiff hairstyle is a combination of the pompadour and the flattop hairstyle of the 1950’s and at times it even incorporates a Mohawk.




As far as the ladies are concerned, there have been quite a few variations of the quiff that have been spotted off late on the heads of quite a few big celebrities. One super cool variation of the quiff haircut for the women is the blonde fauxhawk quiff haircut as worn by the Australian model Ruby Rose. Actress Eva Longoria also looked quite ravishing in a dark-haired pompadour hairstyle. A very elegant look indeed.




But if a girl wishes to go for something that is a bit edgier, then she can take a leaf out of the hairstyling book of Miley Cyrus who has been quite literally owning this look in recent times. Miley sports her quiff cut in a shade of blonde with a rather messy finish on the top. Singer Pink however likes to go for a quiff hairdo that is a lot sleeker. She sports her pompadour hairstyle in a classy shade of platinum blonde and is topped off with a smooth wavy voluminous crown but one that is split in two parts.




But, this look hasn’t just been restricted to the young women. The veteran actress Tilda Swinton has also has been seen in a rather short yet edgy quiff hairdo which is done up in a stately shade of golden blonde. The ladies have well and truly rocked the quiff haircut but this look has been very much a game changer for the opposite sex too.




The quiff haircut has been an important style for the men as they have moved from the sleek parted haircuts of 2016 to this polished hairdo which can be sleek when it wants to be and messy when the wearer is not in the mood for careful sophistication. The choices for men as far as quiffs go, are plenty.


One such smooth variation is the high pompadour quiff. This look is classy and slick. But if slickness is not what a man is after, then he can go for the short spiky quiff or the dishevelled quiff which combines a short cut with a messy finish on the top.




But, if one is in the mood for something edgy, then one can go for the spiky quiff with the faded sides. However, if a man craves volume, then the high voluminous quiff is the look to go for. Then, there is the coloured quiff. If one wants to really stand out, then a quiff in a classy shade of grey is the perfect way to go. But if conservativeness is the name of the game, then both the side parted quiff and the tapered quiff are great options.




So, the quiff is a cool hairstyle. And as it looks great on both sexes, this look is the most versatile of them all.

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