Pull-Through Braids Hairstyles



The braids have always been a favourite for the ladies. There are many types of braids out there that the girls can go for and one of those popular ones is the pull through braid. Braids which incorporate plaits in many dimensions have quite a few varieties of their own.




One can go for the tuck-in-braid. This look is perfect for girls who have voluminous hair and is more of a casual look than a formal one. One can also go for dual shades like dark and blonde for a more eye-catching style. One can also go for the messy braided look; this look is quite simple to achieve and involves doing a pull through braid and then adding a fun tousled texture by messing up the hair. A look that will wow the men anytime.




Another pull through braid look that is perfect for the casual gathering is the “happy hour braid”. This is an up-do look that incorporates a pin-up plate. But if one likes the ponytail looks and wants to incorporate that into a braid, then the pony braid is the best way to go. It looks very sassy and just ups the style quotient of any girl.




Another classy pull-through braid look is the seashell inspired design. This stunning look not only adds a lot of volume to the look but is also a very layered design. This look works especially well for girls who have long hair. This pull-through braid design is sure to turn heads at any event. But if one is not in the mood to be the cynosure of all eyes but still wants a stylish look, then the low-profile braid is the best option.




A girl with silky smooth hair can also jazz up the overall look with a pull-through braid. But if a girl wants to for a fairy-tale look that is functional to boot, then she can opt for the halo-braid. This style which gets its inspiration from Icelandic hairdos is perfect for the summer time as it stays out of a girl’s face and her neck, thus keeping her cool.




Staying on the fairy-tale looks, a girl can also go for a pull-through braid that is inspired by the Rapunzel hairdo. This look is a very quirky  and yet a very casually romantic look for any girl’s night out. The look is both eye-catching and classy at the same time. A girl can also let her pull-through braid sit diagonally for the diagonal medieval look. This very old-school look is sure to turn heads and lends the overall look a touch of enigma!




But, if a girl really wants to stand out, then she can add some colours to her pull-through braid and top off the design with some flowers and prop butterflies. This is one earthy look and is sure to make any girl stand out!




Pull-through braids are a classy style for girls with sufficient hair volume. The look can be quite sassy, quirky or classy. It just depends on the choices that a girl makes. But in whichever way it is done up, it is sure to be quite a unique one.

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