Puff Hairstyles For Women



Puff hairstyle is one the most favorite hairstyle, amongst women from all ages, from college girls to office goers and even celebrities. This style is been in trend from the Victorian era with large regent puffs. The high coiffure is the ‘puff’ or the ‘toque’.


It has debuted by ‘Marie Antoinette’, who is the trendsetting queen. The puff is the royal hairstyle of that era and started diminishing with time. Later, now the puffs are back and, are more outlandish and trendy.


The simple high top secured with the pin, at the crown area is the puff style. The puff style gives your face so much character and, it gives you an illusion of height.


You can wear puff on the top or at the side, which is merely your choice. The puff can be big or small, whether you have long or short hair, it does not matter to style puff.


When, the puff style has combined with either braid or bun, will be the best part. Even, you can just pin the puff and leave the remaining hair to flow free, which will make all the heads turning as you strut past. That is why; puff is the simplest hairstyle that offers you a sense of elegance and gorgeous look.


The puff on the front of the head makes your face elongated and looks taller. Round face shapes looks super cool, with puffs. Add some curly texture to the tip ends of your hair, to look even better.


A very simple high or low ponytail with the side parting puffs on the crown, can add glamour to your look. Buns are elegant to go with puff and with almost any outfit. This style is perfect for any occasions and it even add voluminous look to your hair texture.


More than the small puff style, the popular one is the high puff style amongst women. The high puff style, will make you a Bollywood and even elegant. To make the high puff, you might need to tease the bottom layers quite a bit to achieve the style perfectly.


The side parting high puff style, with loose hair is the most prominent one. This proves that simple hairstyle, can even make you look better. Messy puff is also a choice to make; curly hair texture people can try this style. Along with side parting, the messy style will make you look unique.


For some occasions, you can go for puff with pretty side tails. Make the puff little low and the braid simple. Celebrity ‘Deepika Padukone’ has tried this tail style and, carries the hairstyle so well.


Puff hairstyles, does not need much time and you can style it even in the daily busy routine. You do not need heavy braiding or some updos anymore, to attend functions or weddings. This simple puff style can make you stand out, at a party.


Moreover, this style is even suitable for any dinner party or to a night out, making it a versatile one. The style makes you look elegant, graceful and chic, all at once even.

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