Puff Hairstyles For Black Women



The big Afro puff has been a long-time favourite for the African American women. This hairstyle for them has been in vogue for quite some time now and is a very versatile haircut and the variations that it has is quite plentiful to say the least. This hairdo is immediately recognizable with its big voluminous presence and funky texture.




The puff is all about the volume in most of the cases and if a girl wishes to show off her puff in all its glory then she can go for the big curly puff. Also known as the big kinky puff, this hairdo incorporates high volume on the top and some tendrils of hair are pulled out and allowed to dangle on the sides.




But if a girl feels that this isn’t voluminous enough, then she can go for the “mega high puff”. As the name suggests, this is even bigger in size than the normal big puff and looks great on natural long hair. But if one wants a high puff with a retro feel then the high side puff with a pompadour is the style to go for. However, if a girl wants to make her puff hairstyle a bit edgy then she is welcome to try a puff hairstyle on top with a side swept bang.


For those seeking a bit of casual elegance if not classiness and are willing to sacrifice on the volume, then the textured side puff is the style to go for. This hairdo doesn’t have the crazy volume of the normal puff hairstyle and serves to keep the hair out of a girl’s face.




But, if all this seems a little too bland, then the girls can always go for a dash of colour. After all, colour is always in and puff hairstyles can also sometimes do with a splash or two. So, one can first start off with a puff of curly hair and then colour it a vibrant shade of burgundy. This hairdo will look awesome on girls who are bold enough to pull it off.




However, the one colour that has been enjoying quite a lot of attention is the dark brown shade or the shade of chocolate brown. This colour is very much the rage right now and a puff of dark brown hair is quite the trendy idea. If ever there was a colour which on its own could make a girl look elegant, it this colour. But, then if one wishes to really stand out from the crowd and make an over the top statement, then a puff of curly hair coloured in a hue of bright red should do the trick. This look is sure to be an eye-catching one but again it isn’t a look that everyone can pull off.




Puff hairstyles are very much a part and parcel of the Afro American culture. The hairdos are quirky and full of attitude and persona. It even has a few variations to boot and from these qualities it is quite easy to see why it is so well loved!

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