Prom Updos For Girls




The main trend other than the short and long loose prom hairstyle is the formal updo style with long locks. The prom updos are an excellent way to make you look chic and give you a fantasizing make over. 


Mostly, wavy styles are great options for the prom updo hairstyles. When you choose to go with prom updo styles, always make sure the hairstyle is either wavy or messy rather than going with sleek textured updos.


Some elegant updo styles like, loose twisted style or accent braided prom updo will probably become your favorite choices once tried. The loose twisted style is a great way to show off your highlighted long locks. Keep making several sections of thin strand twists and pin them each twist by criss-cross manner at the back.


Try a waterfall braid style like a headband structure and make a curly messy bun at the back with strands showing off prominently. This prom hairstyle can look crazy as you want and the face framing wisps of hair, offer you a cute feminine look.


More braided styles as a formal Dutch fishtail updo or messy bun with thick side braids can be some ways to make your long locks accented with braid prom styles. Keep in mind to make sure these braided updo styles are messy.


The most elegant updo for sleek long locks is the curled prom style, where many curly strands have attempted to form a pinned style at the back. However, you cannot try this hairstyle at home and you need to visit the parlor to get this most beautiful style.


Classic French twist or tousled updo for long hair and twisted side roll updo are some tricky prom hairstyles, which are some greater versions of the normal bun style. Keeping the bun low, with these additional twists creates modern chic looks that are very fashionable and allow you to rock the prom day with these fresh long locks hairstyles.


For a simply amazing prom hairdo, then fishtail florette is the best braid updo choice. Spread the fishtail braid into big and thick, making it covering the side and back of the head. You will pretty much blow away with this florette braid and is a fun style to practice as well.








The perfect prom look is the classic and modern, with teased poof of soft-looking strands on the top along with the side twists that are so pretty to style and offers an astonishing look. Complete the curly prom style with a loose twisted bun in the back that does not look distinguished to give you a look of fairytale style.


Sometimes, you can make updos at the top crown than at the back. The messy high bun sponge updo, created in an elegant wrapped style by saving out some pieces to hit the ear line will be perfect.


Updo styles with sleek textures gives you a formal style, which you can try if wished. Start with a classic chignon style full bun of voluminous look and wrap the bun by making any thick braid style. The sleek structured big chignon gives you a different look.

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