Prom Hairstyles For Long Hair



When it comes to prom hairstyles, the long hair is a plus and makes your hairstyle look perfect with your outfit and makeup. Moreover, all trendy prom long hairstyles are always loose and little messy.


Long hair prom hairstyles like voluminous loose waves/curls including any braid styles are in trend and make sure your long lock choices should look fresh, young, spontaneous and not too laborious as well.


Starting from the simple prom styles for long hair, the layered waves with twisted sides is the first choice. Tease the top by leaving the loose waves to stay natural and make twist sections from the front hair. Secure them both at the sides, which is a perfect prom style without any hassle.


If you already have a bang style, a simple layered side-swept bang with deep curly layered hair towards the end will go excellent with the beautiful prom dress. The layered bang will make your eyes glow and you will all set to rock the event.


For a change of look, make curly high ponytail at one side with perfect puffy rolled back top and a delicate curly side bang styles. Make the curly ponytail to fall off at the front of the shoulder to achieve a delicate style. You can even add some hair accessory to this pretty hairstyle.


A high bouffant style at the crown, with low side swept style at the sides that are pinned behind the bouffant is a great style. For an additional look, keep tight curls at the ends of the hair and part them into two sections to make them fall over the sides.


When you have love for curls, then this cascading curl of ponytail look will be your most favorite of all prom hairstyles. Start with messy strands of puff at the front and make the curly hair into a sassy pony at the crown with tones of volume.


To accentuate this cascading curly ponytail style, go with a flowy boho dresses and dangly earrings to sparkle at the prom night.


A classic curl with wavy braid is another great style for the prom hairstyles. First, comb the hair into a side partition and leave the front hair stay loose. Take a section of hair above or behind your ear and keep braiding tightly.


After completing, take the braid from one side and pin them at the other side to form a headband structure. Let the remaining hair to stay loose and make thick curls at the ends, to get a classic style.


With long locks, you can even try loose side hairdos featuring fishtail braid or a messy twist braid. For the fishtail hairdo, go with any side braid style at the top followed by fishtail braid at the side. Keep the fishtail loose and let some strands fall out of the braid for an added effect.


Loose twisted side hairdo is an alternative to the usual fishtail at the sides. To start the style, curl your hair with the curling iron and then keep on twisting loosely at the sides to create a messy side braid. These two loose side hairdos allow you to show off your face features elegantly.

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