Prom Hairstyles For Black Girls



Whenever it is prom season, girls start looking for prom hairstyles. However, the prom hairstyles can give you anything from romantic, classic, fun, cute looks and even makes you stay trendy. Mostly, American African black women look beautiful with these incredible prom styles.


You can try any updo styles like side swept hair, braided styles or buns and chignons. Any of these styles can give you an elegant and glamorous look that you love to have for your prom day. In case, if you do not want to go with updo styles, you can wear them into any half-up or half-down styles.


Make simple ringlet curls for all hair with thin strands and give an oily finish look. Sweep the hair to the side and let some ringlet curls to fall over the face. Medium length hair looks great with this style and the oil shiny polished finish, add glam to the style.


For an upgraded version of this style, make multiple small sections of hair at one side and twist them all separately. Pin all the tiny twists at the back and let the remaining hair to fall off asymmetrically on one side. The plain twist on one side and thick curls at other sides will be an extreme style to the prom.


With short curly hair length, try the same style with cute curls of Mohawk and give braids on both sides. This style actually looks like a curly Mohawk at the middle and tiny cornrows on each side.


A different braid style with many sections of tiny braids all through the head in slanting directions, by making the remaining hair into thick strands of flat shape structure and pin them criss-cross styles at the crown. This styles suits all face shapes and gives universally flattering look.


For a different bun look, try an oversized bun at the top with swooped bang around the bun, at the front features an elegant updo. This hairstyle looks gorgeous with round chubby faces and you can style the bun into a desired shape.


If you want a different sleek hair look differing from the regular curly texture, then iron all hair into a sleek straight one. Take a section of hair at the crown and make high bouffant style by pumping up it. With the rest hair, make a ponytail at the end of the bouffant.




Even you can add bangs across the forehead with blunt ends to enhance the high bouffant style. To the same style, instead of sleek texture give loose waves to the bouffant and thick ring curls at the end of the ponytail.


With already present dreadlocks style, there are several ways to make it look sexy and classy as well. Simply make a twisted updo or pin up the dreads, about any way at the sides to reveal the neck.


High ponytail at the top will make the thin dreads to fall over the face. Add any accessory at the secured end of the pony for an additional effect to the dreads and look great to the prom.

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