Princeton Clip Haircut For Men



The Princeton or the Harvard clip haircut are just different names for the very popular Ivy league haircut. This hairdo takes a refreshingly different take on the classic crew cut and combines this evergreen hairdo with the equally loved side-part. The Princeton clip which has been seen many a times on the Bourne series actor, Matt Damon, is a crew cut but one that leaves sufficient hair on top such that it can be parted on the side.




This hairdo drips of sophistication and makes a  guy look effortlessly very sophisticated. Guys with strong facial features like a sharp jaw-line can go for this hairdo with their eyes closed. This irresistibly smart hairstyle has quite a few variations to boot.




Men who are new to the Princeton clip haircut can take a leaf out of the style book of Matt Damon who is known to sport a pretty simple Ivy league haircut which is very minimalistic in design and has that no frills look about it. Men can also go for a bit more hair at the front if they find Damon’s look a bit too bare.




However, men looking for more volume and length can go for the longer Ivy cut. This haircut is even smarter and has an even more slicker look. But, if slickness is the goal for a man, then what looks even cooler is the brushed up Ivy haircut. This look has been sported by A-list celebrities like Channing Tatum.




But, if one wishes to bring the Princeton clip haircut a bit up to date, then the classic Ivy league hairdo can be paired with a funky skin fade on the sides. In this version of the Ivy league hairdo, the shaved sides act as  a nice contrast to the slick volume on the top.




Men can also go for the casual ivy league haircut which can be paired up with a cool French beard which is something that can be done with the skin fade Ivy league hairdo too. These hairdos are less formal than the standard Ivy league haircuts.


However, if a man wishes to stick to tradition, then he can go  for the classic side combed Princeton clip haircut. This haircut is simple and makes a  man look stylish and smart. Men with square faces must be a bit careful however as in their case the hair on the top and front needs a bit of texture and better volume.




Another evergreen Ivy league hairdo is the one that is known as the comb over. This look which has been sported by actors like Ryan Reynolds, has the front of the hair brushed upwards. This makes the look ultra-cool and sophisticated like most Ivy league hairdos.




The Princeton clip or the Ivy league hairdo is by far the most professional of all the men’s haircuts in the hairdressing business. It is sharp, to the point and like a no nonsense haircut that shines both during a formal event and also during a not so formal one. Not only does it look simple but it actually is downright easy to style. Like they say, once a classic, always a classic!

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