Princess Leia Bun Hairstyle



Princess Leia Bun Hairstyles




The world of hairstyling is equally exciting and full of not just challenges but also many confusions. The fact doesn’t end here and the new born fact that the males too have got their finger in this fashionable pie, where just wearing good is not the alma matter but also when it comes to full grooming, one needs to have a proper hairdo and hairstyling which compliments one’s personality. With the time and changes,  people have got inclined towards following the footsteps of celebrities and stars. Gone are the days when such hairstyling and undos were something tricky and costly to do. With the enhanced quality in lifestyle, one can easily get their hands on the styles which celebs sport. Sometimes, the movie makes the star and other times, the star makes the movie. The curious case of Princess Lela follows the later, where she gave a much needed punk to the movie The Force Awakens, where she was star-casting.


Any celeb or star is famous for three reasons, professional expertise, personal controversies and signature styles. Princess Lela has been expert in showcasing her signature style through her differently striking cinnamon buns. Buns is one area, where constant upgradation and innovation is the dire need of the time to prevent it from fading. Her cinnamon buns have created a upheaval in the fashion industry. The reason being she using long and loose pigtails are bound in the the bun. Her hairstyler Ilker Akyol revealed the secret that the hairstyle takes not more than 10 minutes. So if you think that its time consuming, then shed off the thought. The basics to have these awesome cinnamon bun lies in tying a tight pigtail on either sides. The fantastic hairstyles suggests, that the quality of this hairstyle depends on hair length. The longer it is the more apt and tightly twist it would be.




There are many secrets to the world of a perfect hairstyling and one of them is getting into the the detailing. The twisting has to be done perfectly without leaving any strand out to give the perfectly bounded look. Having layered cut will worsen the hairstyle since the short hair strands will be left out.




Wrapping the spiralled twist up in the bun on either side a bit challenging as once twisted the pigtail, it gets a bit tricky to hold it in bun, specially if the hair length is longer.




The weird thing about hairstyles is that some complex hairstyles have their secrets lie in very less accessories and tucking pins. This cinnamon bun has the same secret lying in it. The lesser the pins the greater would be the tuck. Here are some steps to Donne the hairstyle.




  1. Create a middle parting.



2. Comb hair thoroughly till the end.




3. Tie a rubber band for pigtails on either sides.




4. Start twisting them.




5. Make a spiral out of twist.




6. Twist up the pigtail in a bun




7. Be careful not to leave any strand out.




8. Tuck them with a pin or two.




9. Don’t accessorise too much.




10. More pins will cause more mess.

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