Princess Braids Hairstyles For Women



Most of the girls want to pull off that princess look at some point in their lives. This style not only makes them look pretty but also lends them a youthful look. Some of these looks which seem to have come right out of a fairy-tale, do need a bit of effort to be pulled off but when they are done successfully, then the overall look is something to behold. And, there are princess braids for different styles of hair too.




One of the most beautiful and intricate looking braids is the five-strand braid. This look doesn’t require long hair and fine silky hair looks great with this braid. A fishtail braid looks amazing too and is quite easy to accomplish. One can add headbands to give the overall look a stately demeanour. A girl can also go for the twisted heart braid which looks a tad complicated but is very pretty to behold.




One can also go for a fantasy braid which is a combination of many braids and looks quite stunning.  One can also go for the loose braids with a middle parting and a tiara on top for that perfect princess look. This style however needs some level of upkeep as it falls apart very quickly.




A girl aspiring to get that princess look can also go for that braid in the back look where as the name suggests, the braids are added on the back. But if one wishes to go for the voluminous princess look, then its best to go for the braid on the top look. The final product might look complicated but the look is achieved in the most uncomplicated fashion.




Another great look for all the wannabe princesses out there is the heart shaped lace style. But one can also for the extravagantly loose hair. This style is sophisticated and makes any girl with sufficient volume of hair, look very stately and polished. But if one wishes to glam up the side braid for that princess look, then adding some tied levels is the way to do it.




Another amazing princess look is the fluffy ponytail. This look is achieved by making a loose French braid and the braid is then lifted upwards and clipped on top. This look again, is very elegant and very regal. Another great princess look is the side bun which looks great on curly and twisted hair. This style incorporates curls on the bottom. The curls are then twisted into a braid. Truly, amazing.




So, for all the girls who love the princess look, there are quite a few styles to go for. Each one is as different as the next but equally sophisticated and stately. And, looking like a princess isn’t all that difficult. Once a girl is through the initial learning phase, then it is quite easy to pull off and when executed well enough, the overall look is truly mesmerizing. A quick tutorial is enough and a bit of tinkering is all that is needed to achieve these amazing looks.

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