Popular Bangs Hairstyles For Women



Popular Bangs Hairstyles for Women




There are few things in life, which overlap the modern and traditional lines in one shot. These things are known as blessings.Bangs are one such blessing which fill the loop between the modern and the traditional linings. Old schools see bangs as modern style and modern fashionistas wear them only when its in trends. Bangs come in allBut if the so called set notions and barriers are broken, then one can the picture which lies much beyond it. Bangs were in and will always be. The reason being, variety of hairdos available with bangs which many are unaware of, due to either lack of awareness or because they just follow what has been going on blindly. Experiment matters a lot and that is why it was said that innovation is the mother of invention. So if you looking to reinvent your old school bangs, here are few styles on your plate to give it a whirl to.




  1. Long Bangs and Out-turned Waves:  if you keep on sulking about your waves then take the example of Rashida Jones at 76th Annual Peabody Awards Ceremony where she experimented with her curls and out turned them and kept her long bangs straightened.



2.Curly Side Swept Bangs: Curls enhance your beauty and brownie points are always added when you let your curls flow freely and sweep your bangs aside and go with the flow of having those natural beauty and let the Mother Nature take care of you.




3. Blunts with Mid Parted Bangs: Having blunt cuts till shoulder length with some brunettes on your head and a mid parting bangs. Keeping your bangs straight but letting the blunts play wild in the air. Be it natural curls, waves or straights, the look will extra gorgeous points to you.




4. Messy Bangs and Messier Pony: If you ever spotted Halle Berry at Tiffany And Co. event in Beverly Hills, California, then you must be aware of the magic of messy bangs with messier high ponytail which she tied around and flaunted it off with pride.




5. The Bun and The Bangs: A bun would have been classier with the classy bangs. One can sweep them aside or simply let them dance on your forehead.




6. One Side Longer Bangs: set your bands straight from one side and let the longer flicks play on the other. Tie the ponytail in the back.




7. The Edgy Ends and Blunts: Having asymmetrical blunts and bangs will amplify your look and adding a nice brunette or highlight will enhance your shine in hair.




8. Long Layers and Bangs: One can get inspired from the look of Dakota Johnson who wore her brunettes straight with soft wavy ends and straight bangs. She was spotted EE British Academy Film Awards.




9. Short Side Swept Bangs with Waves: If you have long wavy blondes, and shorter bangs then sweep them aside and with aide parting and let your waves dance free.




Bangs can go with any shade, size and style. All you need to do is to experiment and flaunt it off.

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