Ponytail With Bangs Hairstyles For Women



Ponytail With Bangs For Women




The changing times are of confusion, bafflements and misconceptions. The reason being many avenues in fashion and little experiments and thus confusion is born. Talking specially about hairstyling, hair-products, hairdo and hair-cuts, one tends to stick to the same old school rules and either doesn’t dare to go out of the box or never gives it a damn. Instead, many just prefer to go out and completely chop off their old look and bear the new one without even considering the personal suitability on them. The confusion of not expanding the horizon of perviously worn hairstyle makes you miss many awesome looks in life which turn into, ‘could have been’ looks.


Let’s take the example of bangs or flicks, which are popularly known for being cute and sassy too at times. But when it comes to haircuts and hairstyling with them, one has the limited known options available of straights with bangs or waves or curls or a simply pony or braid. Whereas if you pick each of these and sub categorise them, there are plenty of  hairdos available with each one of them. Taking the example of simple ponytail paired up with bangs, let’s have a look at different avenues available with them.




1. Side Swept Styles: Not too tight and not too loose, this hairdo will leave many confused. Because you will be flaunting more than what could have been imagined with simple bangs and ponytails by just side sweeping your ponytail and setting up straight bangs. A cutely casual style.




2. A Sneak Peek With Bangs: Black and wavy hair are perfect for this hairdo. Just keep the bangs a little longer and straighten your bands and give a side sweep to those flicks. Tie a very high ponytail and flaunt your most beautiful tresses.




3. Side Bangs Pony for Wavy Hair: No hardworking in such hairdos and ultra low maintenance these hairdos are. It would make you realise the blessing of having wavy curls and multiple layers, which you can just side sweep and tuck in with a band and cast your magic on everyone’s heart.




4. Double Tied Pony: Let your bangs breathe whichever way they want to. If you have a bad hair day then just tie a high pony and leave some gap and tie a strand around lower pony and stay gorgeous even on bad hair day.




5. Messy Pony: Mess is good when you have out of the bed hair. The same mess which you consider as curse can turn you into a cute diva. Just tie a high pony and leave it messy. Straighten the bangs and enjoy everyone’s eyes on you.




6. Super Long Bangs with Brown Glossy Blondes: Pick a brown of blonde shades and Keep your bangs starting from the middle of the head to keep their length longer, straightened long bangs will cast magic on your look and set you apart from the others




7. Half Pony with Parted Bangs: A mid parting and half up and half down hairdo. Just keep it high and soon you will fly.

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