Ponytail Hairstyles For Long Hair Men



Beauty of hair is also defined by length, but when it comes to males, certain old set rules which are being broken now, have defined a limited boundary for them. But now its over and men too are growing their locks and believe or not, its gaining popularity like never before. Longer locks may have various option to stylise them but longer hair often tend to get in the way of work and daily routine so ponytails are the new fad. Talking about ponytail, never think that you have only one simple option of tying it back. There are many and let’s have a look at them.




  1. Laid Back: For medium length long hair, laid back ponytails are the best. Some soft shorter strands can be left behind the ear to play with. Half up and half down can be another way one can pull it off. A damn dashing look it will lend.



2. Bright Curls: Curly can be beyond than just being unruly if handled well tucked in a high ponytail and well coloured with either two tones or blondes.




3. Beach Look: Relaxed look with beard where one can go for dark blondes highlights with some lighter brown base. Such ponytails are loosely done at the back and give an uber cool look.




4. Soft Mocha Style: Chin length or bit longer and silky hair can be combed back down in the ponytail. Mocha style can be coloured in either the most sober brunettes or the most funky ones according to the user’s preferences.




5. White Half Up and Down: Having platinum hair colour on your straightened strands and doing a half up and half down hairdo can bring you a lot of fame and curiosity in surroundings.




6. Top And Tiny: Brush only the top part of your coloured hair and expose a bit of undercut. Tie the top part in ponytail sporting a spike like ponytail and get glam on the beach.




7. Messy, Folded Top Knot: Pull back the straight shiny long hair on first layer, exposing the shorter cut underneath. The ponytail should be loose and has to be folded into a top knot.




8. Beach Braids: Divide hair in length wise sections and braid them. Make two braids on either sides, keeping the middle parting on and tie them back either in a loose bun or ponytail in the back.




9. Eye Catching Hide and Seek Style: Play a hide and seek with onlookers by straightening the front tops and tying them half up, leaving the wavy or curly down and let them breathe. The breathing beauties will amplify your funky and elegant look in one go.




Ponytails may seem boring and monotonous style but a little effort, rejuvenations and well thought out creativity with combination of undercuts and hair colour can bring a lot on your plate which you never imagine having it in ponytails. With changing times, ponytails are also gaining ground formally. So who knows that in coming decade, we will get to see some more bombastic changes in the style. Till then, keep braiding, keep grooming and keep shining.

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