Ponytail For Short Hair Women



A ponytail style does not only look good with medium and long length hair types, even with short hair the pony style looks best. Even though, with short hair, it is difficult to fit every-last hair into a ponytail, but the end slightly funky style turns into a virtue.


Mostly, short hair ponytails need not to be prim and proper to look stylish. Either depending upon the length, reaching the chin length or hairs hitting the neck, go with high or low ponytail style.


If you have sleek pointed hair reaching until the nape of the neck, then gather all the hair and tie them into a pony exactly at the centre back, like not too high or low. Do not use any brush or comb to style the pony, simply use your hands to pull off the hair.


This is a casual style and the messy stranded looks, will be a perfect for any workplace environments or suits well with formal dresses.


Give an asymmetrical side partition to the hair and leave some thick strand of hair to fall over the side. Pull off all the remaining hair to make them into a low ponytail style.


To the sleek straight short bob style, a tiny ponytail at the low neck looks modern. The bob style will not allow you to gather all the hair, as the strands are not long enough to tie into a ponytail. Therefore, a small pony with many strands falling over out of the style gives a different look to the short hair.


Although, with the same short bob style, you can use a headband or scarf at the crown, with some messy strands left in the front and make a small pointed pony at the low side nape of neck. This pony hairstyle is a great transformation to your overall short look appearance.


Any style of bangs accompanied with the short hair, gives more beauty to the hairstyle. Sleek straight hair with fringes cut across the forehead and choppy layers made into a ponytail, for sure will give you a cute look.


To the same hairstyle, leave some long strands at both sides of the fringe, which should reach below the ear line. This straight ponytail with highlighted dark roots can even more look better.


If you want a sleek textured look with quite long hair reaching the neckline, rather than the messy ponytail look. Then look out the ‘Rooney Mara’ pony style at the golden globes. The very simple sleeked back hair made into a low pony, with a strand wrapping around the pony.




This polished look, yet simple style proves that long hair does not need to achieve a sophisticated style. To try this style, make sure your hair is poker straight.


With wavy texture hair, add some texture to your hair and then gather all up into ponytail. After the blow dry, the ponytail creates some movement and bouncy look.


Cameron Diaz’s adds style to the attitude, with an edgy spiky ponytail. This style has a front textured and a spiky look at the end tips of the pony. This fuss free and neat style accentuates your neck and face features.

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