Ponytail For Curly Hair Women



With thick curly hair, odd is that either you can embrace it wholeheartedly or wish to have a straight hair. Even though, it is a bit difficult to manage, after all the big long curls are always a blessing.


When to be real with curly hair, ponytails are a pretty much way to look, cool. Styles from braids to twists, there are millions ways to put your spin on the curly ponytails that can be worn day and night for with shoulder length or long hair types.


When you have dense curly hair texture, grab them all and make a high top pony at the crown. This way all the curls fall downwards and make the head look full of curls. Moreover, this style goes well with medium length hair.


As always, the first style of curly ponytail is with the braid elements. Mostly, loose fishtail braid at the sides gives your hair a little more freedom. The messy wave texture of the fishtail braid blends well with the natural curly ponytail, which creates beauty without fuss.


If you search pony ideas for any occasions, go beyond the traditional styles and create double braids at each sides. Wrap the four braid strands, around the top of the ponytail. The curly ponytail features a result of fabulous cascades of curls.


Or else, create many twists at different angles by turning them into an unexpected fancy style to the front section of the hair. The highlighted curls with layers to the pony hair by leaving some strands to fall on the sides will be a great evening look.


With side swept bangs, make a low pony at the nape of the neck can offer a great look for loose curly hair. The option is that, you can make your bangs slightly curly at the ends or leave them with your natural hair texture.


A simple low side ponytail to the thick ringlet curls will be a perfect choice. More than the pony at the back, the side pony can make your ringlet curls look more adorable. The star ‘Taylor Swift’ has been with this simple yet beautiful hairstyle, which you can recreate in you.


For achieving a voluminous look, to the thin curly hair texture and with long hair length, make a high puff at the front and mix them with simple high ponytail. Mostly, natural thin curls are porous and lacks shiny look, to avoid that use mousse for natural definition.


With the same style, add a small braid at each side of the high puff and combine them with the high ponytails. You can even add a big bouffant to make you curly pony edgier and stylish.


To style your curly at the last minute, then low messy ponytail will be a great choice. Create a small bump at the crown by teasing a section of hair and sweep the remaining hair into a low ponytail. Leave some strands to enhance the messiness and is a good to go free style.

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