Pomade Hairstyles For Men



Most men would like to imitate the silky-smooth hairstyle of John Travolta in the movie Grease. But such a slick look doesn’t come easily. This look, popularized by actors in mafia flicks, is achieved with the help of certain oil-based hair products. Initially, these products were known as pomades. But as time has progressed, this term has broadened to include most of the best men’s hair products.




The problem with oil-based hair products is that they are difficult to wash out, often causing acne. The best hair products are now water-based. These water-based hair products include brands like Uppercut, Baxter, Layrite and Sauvecito to name a few. Pomades are also loosely termed as hair wax.




But then what are the hairstyles that can be done up with the help of pomades? By applying pomade on dry or slightly wet hair, one can go for the classic parted hair. This look was made famous by Jon Hamm on the popular TV series, Mad Men. This look is slick and if one is blessed with straight hair, it is sure to make the ladies swoon.


One can also go for the Bed Head look. This look is perfect for straight and at the most, slightly waved hair. With the help of a pomade, the hair is best styled with the help of one’s own hands. This look was popularized by the Inglorious Basterds star Brad Pitt.




A man who isn’t in the mood for smooth and straight hair, can always go for the long and messy look. One should take some light pomade and take a good look at Johnny Depp and style one’s hair accordingly. Then there is the Ducktail. This look, born in the 1950’s and which is an embodiment of old-world cool, was made famous by actor John Travolta in his heydays.




A look that is even cooler than the Ducktail is the Pompadour. The amount of pomade to be used depends on the level of thickness of a person’s hair. This ultra-cool look is achieved by combing up the front of the hair to add the necessary volume and then the hair is combed backwards and any unevenness smoothened.




And last but not the least, there is the Quiff.  This is another iconic hairstyle that can be styled in many ways. It all depends on a man’s own sense of style. Like the Ducktail, this look too was born in the 1950’s. The look is slick and effortlessly cool.




So, there are many ways in which one can use pomades to style one’s hair. These looks lend the wearer an air of class and one that just exudes oodles of coolness. Most of these styles are a hallmark of the 50’s era and have gracefully stood the test of time. However, too much of these products on one’s hair may not be such a good idea. But if one isn’t scared of the occasional experimentation and daydream about that perfect mafia look, then pomade hairstyles are the best way to go!

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