Poetic Justice Braids For Black Women



Poetic justice braids for black women


Wondering what is this new braid style? Worry not, we will help you out! Remember, how Janet Jackson sported a lot of thick braids in the movie Poetic Justice? Now, you know why this hairstyle is called Poetic justice braids! The other name for this super cool braid is sassy thick box braids. People started adopting this style after taking influence from the film. And, gradually it became a craze for most of the Afro-Americans as they love sporting an exclusive look. If in case you are thinking of rocking this incredible style, then we guarantee that you are reading the right article.


You should know the advantages of wearing such unique braids. Firstly, you natural hair is protected from external elements such as chemicals, sun and styling equipment. Keeping your hair as a braid makes life easy as it is kept intact. Secondly, you may do whatever you want to do with your braids. The numerous styling choices offered will blow your mind. By the way, you can style your hair without worrying about the setting as it lasts long. So thirdly, you can have braids on for months together. It is recommendable to have the sassy braids for a maximum period of three months. But, make sure of keeping your hair well moisturised for better results. Lastly, you can sport any look with ease without harming your hair much. It is a win-win situation if in case you choose to wear this look as you have variety of options in the form of style, highlights, shade and colour.


Only disadvantages of a hairstyle can show you the actual position of the style. Get a reality check done by learning about the cons of this awesome box braid style. Firstly, the pressure felt on the scalp due to the box braid can be immense as it depends on the style as well as the stylist. As a result, you may feel uneasy to sport these fabulous braids. Secondly, you may get bored as the process of poetic braids may take hours together to get it done. It takes around 5 to 8 hours which causes you to be away from your world. Lastly, as it is a method which will last for months, the cost is also expensive. But, it may vary depending on each hairstylist.


We’ve sneak a peek of different types of styling which will give you a glam look. Your braids are the treasure which will give you the finest look possible. Hence, feel free to sport whatever you feel is the right combination. Various highlights and dyes can be used to spice up your cool avatar. Streaking some purple, red or blonde can make you an exceptional piece in the crowd. You may also try pink, silver and brown ombre.


Tapering with the hair gives you likelihood to find the right style to mark your style statement. You can make a pretty up-do with the box braids or even a top knot, where the rest of the braids are let free or not. You can also make a half twist in the front for a cuter appearance. You may also use wraps, hats and beads to define your style better. Happy styling folks!

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