Platinum Blonde Hair Color Ideas



Blonde hair are always fun and all sort of blonde shades are becoming quite popular nowadays. Whereas, the lightest shade of blonde color is the platinum blonde, which is the goddesses of all hair color and gives you the most expected edgy looks.


It is a no wonder when so many women crave for the beautiful platinum blonde hair these days. From halos of white to textures of platinum blonde shades, the favorite styles are to satisfy your whimsical taste is infinite.


Only, one thing you should keep in mind regarding while going for platinum bond is to look at your natural hair textures and length types. Because, each of the platinum shades gives you a specific look to the all hair textures.


Dark platinum blonde color to the top hair and very bright platinum shades on the feathery long flowing hair overtakes the peek through look underneath the shiny blonde effect. The entire platinum blonde feathery-layered hairstyle, offers both pretty and super dramatic style.


Sometimes, a few well-placed platinum highlighted strands do the trick to the complete dark long locks. The melting ash blonde ends brighten up the dark base along with the platinum strands. With this hairstyle, it is possible to allure the cool beauty of the platinum blonde hair.


If you wish for a bold look, you can go with complete bright silver to the straight pointed hair. This futuristic color gives you an increasing popularity to the pointed textures and gives you an extreme change over to the appearance.


For loose wavy/curly textures with quite long hair type, white highlights is the way to spice up your curls. With major white highlights to the dark roots hair, is one of the best coloristic ideas to get a contemporary multi-dimensional look.


If you do not want bright white platinum shades of blonde hair, then go with some dab of plain platinum highlights to the brown blonde hair. This lowlight on brown blonde hair blends well with the subtle platinum shade. To this hair, braided hairstyle is often the best way to show case your blonde color.


Grayscale ombre shade is a perfect example of platinum silver hair, where the ombre fade from the midways on the dark hair will make you experience what feels like a fairytale hair.


Considering platinum shades to the lob style hair, simply dye your hair on the lower length of the strands and leave the roots to stay dark as natural. This popular new look with halo dark roots, on the contrary will be a very sharp and dramatic as ever.


When you want a bold attitude to the short asymmetrical bob style, complete bright platinum shades with smooth texture will be an eye-catching style. Even some famous celebrities have tried this hairstyle and loved their universal flattering look.


Short pixie cut with undercut patterns and along with the combed backwards style looks enhanced, when given a subtle silver blonde shade. The subtle silver shade gives you a chic and dynamic look to the short style.

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