Pixie Undercut For Women



Pixie undercut for women


Done with long hairs? Then, it is time to pick up pixie and style it in your own way. The undercut is in trend as even men are crazy about undercut. This style makes life easy as you don’t need to spend hours to make your hair presentable. Now, it is time to go short as well as innovative with pixie undercut. We will introduce to you list of hairdos which will inspire you to look cute and chic at the same time.


You can get a pixie and feminine touch with long bangs in the front which will be highlight facial features. Keep the undercut in other side’s front and rest of the side short to highlight the bangs and undercut. This particular style is called as asymmetrical pixie undercut. This is best suit if you want only a pixie which is feminine.


You may sport a side fringe in one side and have a undercut side with edge sharp cut. This sharp cut can have two parts in which one can be short undercut and another as taper fade. This swag look will make you famous in your college.


If you have straight hair, then tame it with hair gel to push back and cover the undercut. You can have the undercut at the back to make it obvious to the passers by. In case, you have blonde hair, go make a visual treat in form of pink pixie. Make a cute combination of blonde, pink and purple. You should give a razor cut to the edges and keep the sides as undercut. This full of fun style will make you look as a colourful person.


If you have curly locks, keep your insanely curly tresses on one side and sport a skin fade on the other side. Spice up the skin fade with more designed edge cuts to look breath-taking. Or else, tousled bangs in a side and skin fade undercut will give you the desired feminine touch you wanted for a long time.


Your wavy hair can be turned into a fauxhawk. Keep a lot of waves to create a hairdo like a Mohawk and keep the other side short. Add grey to the heavy top fauxhawk for a vivacious look. You may also try coif which is pushed back with the help of hairspray. Keep both sides as an undercut to create a unique style of own.


You can make your locks interesting with pastel colours or two toned styles. You may also opt for some blue and red to be streaked here and there in your pixie. Streak some blonde blend or colour melting to be with the trend. Grey is a saviour if you want a chic coiffure!


Make more beautiful designs on your undercut to create eye-catching style. The colour and volume of the hair can be changed according to the trend. You don’t need hesitate if you want to try something really insane. Toy with your hair and fine the right style for you!

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