Pixie Haircuts For Black Women



Pixie Cut for Black Women




The beauty of curls can only be well defined in African American lot. The coal black tresses and complementing curls is a feast for eyes. Every hair type has its own set of hairdos and hairstyling which enhance that particular hair type’s strength. Curls are strong and shiny and often denote a mystery. The only limitation curls might have is the length problem. The same hair length but different hair type like slightly wavy or straights look longer than curls. May be that is the reason why curl owners often prefer to have it short. The best hairstyle in shorts is pixie when it comes to curls because of low maintenance and awesome team up with black hair. Pixies are not necessarily best for the curls only. It’s a haircut which suits almost every hairstyle and thus is damn popular. Let’s have a look at pixie styles:




1. For Black Thick Curls: Curls and that too black, a deadly recipe for the thickness of hair. Thick hair often get in your way to chip on the best of hairdos. The sides are clipped extra short just above the Earline and dividing the two sections with shaves lines. A best hairdo in very low maintenance efforts.




2. Natural Pixies: The beauty of your natural hair can be well teamed up with pixies. Just chop off those long high maintenance locks and crown the pixie look.




3. Pixie Style With Highlights: Try half blonde and half black and we assure that it would look nothing else than gorgeous in those curled pixies. One can always experiment with red or even neon coloured highlights for bolder look.




4. Natural Curls: One thing is for sure that pixies accentuate your natural look, colour and texture. Are you ready to bring out the best of your curls with this cropped look?




5.Undercut Pixies: With loose sides and curly top and sides shaved, this is the best hairdo for a confident black woman and ultra one for office and formal wears. This is not it. One can always flaunt it during party vibes too.




6. Lightened Hair with Long Bangs: lightest brunettes or blondes with long side banged pixies. The hairdo surely highlights eyes and cancels the forehead and thus reducing the visible face area. One can always keep the bangs edgy to have a chic look.




7. Short Hair and Bangs: The combination of coifed bangs with sideburns will amplify your face’s beauty. Bangs are chopped short and modern but work super well in classic dress ups too.




8. Asymmetrical Cut with Colour: You live only once so why not to try something never done before? One can choose from platinum to lavender glowing yellows and team them up with asymmetrical pixies.




9. Very Short Ones: Slim face can always afford to have super short hairdos. It undoubtedly goes best with African American women who have a natural flair or curls and textured hair




10. Cropped Cut with Bangs: Bangs often soften up any haircut and add a touch of cuteness and modern beauty. If you have bit less curls, you can go for it.

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