Pixie Braids For Women



Pixie braids for women


The love for tiny braids will never go out of the fashion. If you have a short hair, then you should sport this particular pixie braids. The tiny braids all around your head will make you look charming as well as make your hair manageable as it looks like a straight hair. Mostly, black women wear this hairstyle as we all know how much they care for their braided look. The thread like strands will be about a length of only 6 inch or at a maximum of 24 inch. This style can be kept intact for a period of one to three months according the hairstyle. Actually, this renowned hairdo is popular because it looks cool as well as harmless to your hair. We also can’t deny the fact that hair grows faster when it is kept in a braid. The hair growth and low maintenance of your gorgeous tresses are the main advantages.


The regular straight bob may look unadorned; just add some tiny braids to get an exciting look. We are quite sure; you will impress one and other with your appearance. You can also braid your fringes and bangs to get the complete pixie braid look which will help you be notable even amidst the crowd. We suggest you to get a synthetic hair weave to get the best pixie braids styling. You can keep your bob with a middle part, side swept and back swept. You may also add some beads and ribbons to your hair just to give feminine touch. Make it more visually appealing with the help of highlights as it is in trend. Acquire some brown or blonde shades on to look apart from your black hair.


In case you’re looking for more options, then we are happy to help you. You can turn your tiny braids into a half up-do to look as elegant as possible. A longer hair can be pinned back to get the half up-do done smartly. And, for all the retro lovers, you may roll up your hair to get the traditional half up-do. The best part about pixie is you can just play with the colours as much as you want. Streak some purple or blue highlights to give your hair a vibrant look which will be eye-catching. Or, brown or gold will help to give the two toned or the multi-toned appearance. This is best suit if you have a medium or long hair to sport this look with grace.


Feel free to give importance to your crown, add a bump with some fringe to give a classy look. It will look extra-ordinary on long faced women. Make a top bun on the middle of your head to get chic as possible. Remember, you should also let free the sides and back braids. It will give a chance to flaunt your flawless stylish pixie braids. If you’re unhappy with a single bun, go for two buns with a help of centre part which will make you look bubbly. Happy styling!

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