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Pink hairstyles (Pink the singer, not pink colored hair)


Singers are daring enough to go bold with their looks. None can deny that, as many singers toy with their hairstyles to come with something fresh every single time the spot light is on them. Pink is no exception too! She has given hairstyle goals to many women across the world. In this article, we will be briefing up about her coiffures which will help you to attain that particular style.


She made her debut in 1999 by sporting a pink buzz cut to an impression on everyone’s heart. Then, she came up with funky punk spikes for MTV Movie Awards in 2000. It was again a pink coloured hairdo. Her love for blonde and pink was fused into one, as she sported a dread of blonde, gold and pink to standout from the rest in 2001.


Pink is well known for her short haircuts, so if you have one, you are reading the right article to take inspiration. Her famous boy cut with platinum streaks make an everlasting impression. Pushing up her hair into waves, she went bold with pompadour which she sported with swag. Even, she dared go for pastel pompadour to please all the eyes. She returned to her pink love with ground-breaking pink curled pompadour. If you something more interesting, you should know about her fauxhawk too. She kept her sides really short with a voluminous top platinum blonde hair. She has given fauxhawk a feminine touch by just wearing a bling hairclip when she attended Grammy’s.


She went silver to highlight her undercut with short side part. She loves playing her hair colour to look as funky as possible. She even let go of her tradition fauxhawk to sport something irrelevant as buzz cut. She again changed her hair colour to brown from blonde. She has adorned all type of men’s hairdos. One such is spiky look she came up with to seek attention from the world. The white wild spiky look of hers will always be remembered!


Her love for pixie is manifest! She pairs it with side swept bangs, gelled bangs, wavy bangs, curly fringe and straight swept fringe. As fascinating as it sounds, she sported it with ease. As she loves to change her hair colour, once she went for get black for her pixie in 2010 and rose streaks in 2012 which were simply eye-catching!


The comb over she sported by keeping her platinum blonde on one side grabbed eyeballs because of her shaved other side.  The more and more she experiments with her look, the more and more people go crazy about her styling! She has an ability to just sport a tiny hat and turn into a fad; such is the popularity of this singer. You maybe worried whether you can pull off the styles as Pink does? The answer is simple, if you’re inching for such funky and ultra-cool looks, just take inspiration from her and consult your hairdresser. We are quite sure he will guide you better to achieve your desired Pink look! Go Pink and blonde, folks!

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