Pin Up Hairstyles For Black Women



When it comes to black women, they set their individual standards with the styles and look, they prefer. Mostly, with pin up hairstyles, these black women amaze their beauty and each style are very creative that offers a feel of sophistication.


Any hair type, whether natural thick curly or waved hair with long or short length, there is a huge variety of updo styles that rests on the crown perfectly is infinite. With braids, twists and dreadlocks, the updo styling has turned into a beautiful one.


When bored with the normal ponytails, the high jumbo braid ponytail is an alternative. To create this style, gather all your hair and put them into a high ponytail. Loop a kanekalon hair around the pony and start braiding down to the ends to complete the style.


If you love to have cornrows, try out a new style of high poof ponytail at the crown and by making many small cornrows at the nape of the neck like an undercut pattern. This kinky style ponytail will give you an unexpected look of extra cuteness.


Making all the curls stay on the top, by braiding reverse French braid from the back is a master pin up hairstyle. The tight dense look of ringlet curls at the top of the head, followed by a plain braid plait at the back can be a great look for any events.


Tight curls of black women are usually inseparable, so to give a touch of elegance, use a clear side partition and make a simple twist or small braid at the shorter side partition. This quickest pin up hairstyle, will accent well with the short bob curly hair.


With dense curls, the power puffs at both sides of top pigtails are not just for little girls. This style can show you a funky look and by incorporating bright colors to the puff ends, makes a bolder statement style. To enhance the overall look, use a round sunglasses and big hoops.


A retro curl at the top of the head with complete hair, wrapped by a bandana is a popular vintage pin up curls style. Choose a bandana with bright and hippie pattern, to give a touch of modern look to the vintage style.


For frizzy hair types, a cute pin up style like a braided crown looks incredible. Just part your hair to pigtails for creating two French braids on both sides and pin them both together at the crown. This easy hairstyle is a great way to protect your frizzy hair.


With short hair, you generally do not need any special pin up style to alter you look. Simply let your curls free and use a tropical headband to accent the curls. This is one of the simplest pin up hairstyle to upgrade your curly hair.


If you find more ways, to enhance the short curly hair is to go with a creative Mohawk updo. Big curly Mohawk at the middle part will let you show some killer look and is a great transition to your normal curls.

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