Pin Up Hair Hairstyles



Actually the phrase ‘what goes around, comes around’ is true in case of the fashion and hairstyle industry. As the obsession, for the vintage pin-up, hairstyles are increasing day by day and the vintage styles really prove they never go out of style.


The 40’s and 50’s era is popular for the pin up hairstyles and again now, they return to the trend. The major point is that, with vintage pin up styles you get specific looks with every length, style, color and cut of your hair.


Mostly, the recent modern vintage pin up styles, are polished curls or sleek and smooth waves, delicate pin curls and Victoria curls styles that are some mind-blowing looks and, stay extremely glamorous. Baby bangs is one of the epitome of vintage hair looks.


The first style that comes to mind, when thinking about the vintage pin up hair is the Victoria rolls. To achieve the real voluminous Victoria rolls, make side partition and take large section of one side hair to form a roll like structure.


Pin them up at the front and follow the same process on the other side as well. To the remaining hair, give thick strands of curls to the ends. This hairstyle is perfect way to encapsulate the real vintage glamour.


Most of the times, you can see a bow or a scarf accentuating to any vintage styles. Therefore, the second style will be mostly a retro pony accentuated with a bow. Start with a high side puff style, followed by a high pony at the crown and add a bow style thing to the secured end of the pony.


Like the scarf usage, most popular pin up looks accompanied with flowers at the sides. To master this hairdo, simply style you hair into any updo style at the back and give a polished pin up curly look to the bangs. Finish the style, with two flowers on each side of the bangs, which will give focus to the eyes.


If you do not want flowers on each side, go with a single big flower on one side and mid-length curled mane hairstyle.


Coming to the braid styles, crimped upside down braid and pomped braid are some vintage textured styles. The crimped texture along with the upside thick Dutch braid, which climbs from the back and end in the top, will be the perfect vintage style for wider face shapes.


The pomped braid mainly offers illusion to the length of the face. This up style texture starts with some height on the front, followed by a messy French braid until the ends and then tucking the braid tails behind the nape braids.


For short haircuts, Mohawk curls or medium pin up curls on one complete side accentuated by flower on the other side or a whispy hairdo with bandana style, are perfect choices for vintage pin up hairstyles.


Not only hairstyles define the vintage look, some highlighted hair shades also comes along with the pin up style. Vintage bright orange hue with curls at the top hair or complete green color pin up curls for short hair are quite famous as well.

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