Pigtails Braids For Women



Pigtail Braids




Childhood is the best time of your life and anything which relates to childhood, be it just the fragrance of your talc, brings back the flashback of old, sweet times. Talking of childhood’s flashback, do you remember old pigtail braids? Those tiny, cute strands hanging around, used to spread so much of sweetness. What If you get those pigtails braids swept back in your life? Wait! If you thinking that pigtails are a thing of childhood then let’s spill the beans that, pigtails are a moderated adult thing today. These braids rejuvenate your look as you come out of your boring ponytail routine and a bit of style and sassiness is added up a lot to enhance your look. Let’s have a look at all the chic and cool modified style of pigtails.




1. Short Ones: weave your pigtails till the middle and tie them and leave the hair below loose. The style will lend a more grown up look to you with the tag of your old childhood memory. This can go along with any casual style.




2. Pigtail Bun: Go the bohemian style and experiment a little with pigtails. Simply tie your pigtails in a messy looped twists. This wonderful hairdo can do wonders to even your elegant evening wears.




3. Iggy Azalea Style: Inspired by the renowned singer Iggy Azalea, these are the reverse French braids and look ultra awesome. Give it a whirl you girl.




4. Double Top Knots: Easy to do. Cute in looks. Just tie up chignons on both side with middle parting division. A charming and cute look in one go.




5. French Braid: Weave the braid pigtails and stop at the nape of your neck and leave rest of your hair in two ponytails. The most elegant, easy and uptown hairdo one can dream and crown for.




6. Dutch Pigtails: if tying the dutch pigtails makes you feel like an old school then rejuvenate it into new school by doubling it or inverting it. The fantastic way will make you look fantabulous.




7. Long Fishtails with Freedom: Long hair and fishtails are perfect combo to grab eyeballs. Keep your strands wander freely and see the magic of your hairdo.




8. The Bunny Affair: Having short hair with multiple layers and still willing to crown pigtails? No worries! Tie two low buns on either side without worrying about flicks left behind loose and tuck few of them with bobby pins and let other few fly independently.




9. Boho Braids Babes: Be a babe of boho braids tie your pigtails in three bands at equal distance, making it look like braids on either sides. Don’t forget to crown yourself with headband or headpiece. A cutest look to set the fire ablaze.




10. Boho and The Hat: Boho braids donned with a hat and tie them down with some tattered ribbons or strands. A complete wild boho look for an absolute bohemian girl.




Braids are never outdated and after getting your hands on numerous pigtail styles, we bet you would never call them old school anymore.

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