Perm Hairstyles For Men

Going with the texture trends, men have started experimenting with the perm hair trend in the recent few years. What used to be an exclusive for women style in the earlier 2000s is now being adopted by men too.

A perm, which is short for ‘permanent hairstyle’ is a hair treatment done to change the texture of the hair from straight to curly. With the mainstream men and women embracing and flaunting their curls more and more, the perm hair trend has caught up in vogue by allowing even straight haired individuals to curl up their hair.

A change of texture from straight to curly would be considered an extreme change by many but it is not stopping people from getting perms and doing a 180 with their looks.

The perm hairstyle requires less effort to style and is suitable for most of the face shapes. The perm hairstyles men look hot but also exhibits a carefree, fun side to them. If you’re an individual who is not too on the formal side or too uptight, you should definitely consider getting this style because it might suit you better than straight hairstyles.

This style is one of the chemical treatment methods, used to achieve the curly or wavy texture. The ‘bubble perm’ is the most popular perm style amongst men. By simply wetting your hair and applying some perm with your fingers, can make you get this look.

Many celebrities have worn this look both on and off the screen regularly. What used to be a niche nerd hairstyle is now portrayed by the hyper-masculine male models and on-screen actors as well

Another option of this style is the ‘poodle perm’, which is the exact opposite of the bubble style. The poodle style offers you a permanent wavy hair, while the bubble will not. This poodle style has mostly been seen amongst football players.

The above two mentioned styles, will offer you loose wavy hair or curls that look cool and stylish. When you desire to get tight curls, you have another option, which is the ‘Punch perm’ hairstyle.

There are two types of the punch perm style, which shows much variation to the style.The traditional punch style and the iron punch style are the versions. Both vary in how the curls form. The tightly packed curls will keep the shape of your head and is a style most commonly seen amongst the Japanese people.

Perm hairstyles are open to a lot of different other styles to be imbibed in them. For example, the perm goes fantastic with faded sides, undercuts and different hair colors. You also can choose the degree of curl you want your perm to be by choosing to keep it wavy or going all the way to keeping it super curly.

However when it comes to perm hair, the maintenance is what you need to keep in mind. As perms drastically change the hair texture, it leaves the hair strands susceptible to damage and hence a lot of tender love and care is quintessential for the perm hairstyle. You will need to regularly moisturise it as well as provide it the nourishment it needs. But all in all, that effort is worth it for the change in look that the perm hairstyle provides.