Peek-A-Boo Highlights Hair Color Ideas



In the ever-expanding industry of hair highlighting methods, the Peek-a-Boo highlight is one of the latest trends. But what sets this method apart from the rest, is its non-usage of bleaches. Thus, this method of applying highlights is a lifeline for all those ladies out there who fear damaging their precious hair because of the process of bleaching. Thus, with this method girls can go funky without causing any long-lasting damage to their mane.




The Peek-a-Boo highlights provide a vista of opportunities for all those fashionistas out there. This method of highlighting makes the hair locks appear as if they are peeping out. This gives this much sought-after style, its name.




One can use a variety of colours when it comes to peek-a-boo highlights. Girls with platinum blonde hair can go for purple highlights which will make their hair look quite funky. But if one is conservatively funky, then subtly thin purple highlights will do the trick! One can also go for a two tone look by adding peek-a-boo highlights on the bottom layers of hair.




Red heads can also go for blonde highlights which will only make their hair look quite hip! But if one is just itching to show off newly applied highlights in a classy way, then a multi-coloured plait is the answer to their prayers! This style is a unique combination of both hipness and class. Another great look for brunettes are strawberry blonde highlights on their copper coloured hair. This is one effortlessly classy peek-a-boo style.




Now, ladies with caramel coloured or light brown hair can make their hair look quite cool with the application of bright yellow highlights. But, if a single colour doesn’t quite cut it, then one can go for multi-coloured highlights too. And if a lady has white coloured hair, then she can go for some pink highlights. This look is sure to make her stand out from the crowd.




All the blondies out there can also go for burgundy coloured highlights. This look applied on a short wavy cut is a smash hit. Streaks of pink on blonde also serve to add an air of uniqueness. Then there are the electric blue highlights for the punk lovers at heart.  This style of highlighting makes a girl’s hair look edgy. These highlights look especially good on a mane of black hair.




Last but not the least, there are the golden peek-a-boo highlights which look even more classier than the red ones on dark hair. The golden highlights add a splash of zaniness to the otherwise sombre dark locks and is designed to turn heads.




Peek-a-boo highlights have revolutionized the world of colour highlights. This method goes easy on a girl’s hair and enables her to experiment with her hair as much as she wants without any long-lasting consequences. This approach to colouring throws up a plethora of opportunities and one can just go crazy with one’s imagination. Just like a painter standing in front of an empty canvas. The sky is the limit in this case and the permutations and combinations are infinite!

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