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The ‘Fast and Furious’ star and, also known as the speeding actor ‘Paul Walker’ – started his career as a guest starring in some, television shows.  Later, along with Vin Diesel he starred in the ‘Fast and Furious’, which made him very popular.


Paul Walker, until in his end always carried some iconic hairstyles that made him look great. He is a sense of style that remains, noteworthy to this day.


He always tends to keep his hair short and all his hairstyle based on that. Walker, initially have an original curly textured hair, which is in light blonde shade. The short wavy hair looks great, with the French beard that he maintained. This style gave him a younger look and it is even simple to style.


For this style, the jagged layers cut throughout his hair, is to enhance the curls. This simple style is perfect for medium to short length hair. The natural curly looks great, with his blue eyes.


Paul even went for some long length with the wavy texture, which reaches at the neckline and the sides. The clean shave with this long curly style, gave him a handsome look and is unique in style. Many fans loved this style, as it looks great and not much styling needed.


Later, from curls he went for a very short cut, close to his scalp. This look resembles a hairy wild man, even though he maintains a groomed appearance. This style highlights his piercing blue eyes. The trim beard and not dense one style, makes him look classy and many men think about this style to give a try.


For the ‘Fast and Furious’ movie, he went for new haircut. This is also a mere short haircut, with different style from his earlier looks. The shorter sides and back, with an inch or two lengths on the top, is the highlight of this look.


The texture is not wavy and not completely sleek straight. The in between texture with spike at the front alone, is very unique in style and a great option to look differently. The style is effortlessly simple and easy to care hairstyle.


Then for the next season of the movie, he gone for a buzz cut style. The hair is uniformly clippered to about ½ inch in length throughout his head. The dark blonde shade which is not as the previous shades of hair, made him look different and, offers smart sexy style.


The close scalp cut works pretty for any hair type and wavy textures. Those men, with round angular skull shape can go for this style and could find them being happy with the look.


To maintain this cut, cleansing the scalp is important as with other buzz cuts. Trim the scalp regularly, to maintain the desired inch length and to avoid messy style. You can also use gel or fine combed hair, to brush and direct the hair in the way you want.

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