Patrick Dempsey Hairstyles



Patrick Dempsey hairstyles


Patrick Dempsey, if in case you don’t recall him, he is the famous Dr. Derek Shepherd from Grey’s Anatomy! Now, you know whom we are talking about, yes, that extremely well-groomed actor! Also, he is known for his trendy haircuts which he keeps subtle as well as fashionable. We’re here to take you through the different haircuts that he has sported over the years.


The traditional wavy look that he adorns benevolently is his trademark style. All he has to do is hand comb his waves to maintain it. To support his smart look, he sports some stubble to look extremely handsome.  His female fans go crazy about him as they feel he looks sexy with this subtle look. Whereas, his male fans try hard to imitate him as they want to look as sexy as him.


He freely plays with locks to sport a layered look. His wavy hair is turned into layered top and back is kept with the razor finish. This fabulous style makes him look sexier which attracts women. If you’re a person with thick hair, then this a must try style for you. We guarantee that you look breath-taking with this look. Razor cut to your textured hair will help you give a makeover.


This man entered Hollywood with wavy top hair and clean shaved look in the year 1987. Then, in 1990s, he came with a pushed back slick look. He used hair gel to make his waves sit back in style. Then in 1995, he came with ultra-cool curls which fall on his nape. The stylish hairdo made heads turn towards him. But, after a year, he chopped off his curls and kept curls short enough to stick out of the head. In 2002, his waves returned and make him look charming enough to charm all the women. In 2008, he came up with gelled spiky waves. He with poise carried his two or three strands of grey hair in the front.


In the year 2009, he sported a hairstyle where he pushed his locks one side and the rest on the other side.  Then, in 2010, he went for short sides with spiky top hair. The smart actor looked ravishing in this amazing look. In 2011, he came up sporting his few grey strands with a comb over. This is best style if you’re looking for professional chic look. He pushed back his locks again to get a messy look with locks popping out here and there and falling on the nape in 2012. His back hair was chopped and front for gelled in 2013.


Patrick Dempsey kept changing something or the other about his hair, every time he stepped out of his house. 2014 saw the return of his prominent waves which paved way for return of his swag. The sharp look made him look as though he becomes younger as he ages. In 2015, the classy short comb over came back to create a style statement. Over the years, he has made small changes to his looks every year to look on the point!

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