Party Hairstyles For Short Hair Women



Parties are always fun, which makes people to enjoy each moment and women find ways to look pretty with the party wears. There is a myth that short hair cannot be styled into various options for a party look, but in real, party hairstyles look perfect with short hair only.


Although, with your short hair or bob style haircuts, you can go confident to try many glamorous party styles to rock the party. Mostly, when you search ideas for party hairstyle, make sure you end with some loose hairstyles rather than any updo styles.


As always, the first hairstyle will be any braid styles that offer a simple casual look, yet make you look gorgeous at the same time. Keep going with waterfall braid styles to the bob hair, which makes each strands give a look of downwards style.


Starting from the top and keep braiding until the nape of the neck at one side, gives you a perfect edgy style that looks perfect with any party wear. Another braid style is the fishtail look, braided from one side that forms a look of headband at the crown.


If you already have bangs, then you do not need any special styles to make it look enhanced. With side sweeping bangs, gather all the hair and secure them at one side behind the ear into a loose ponytail. You can see this popular hairstyle in ‘Jennifer Love Hewitt’ celebrity, who sported with this cute style.


In case, you want to style your hair with side bangs, then go with the side loose low bun hairstyle. Make sure you maintain the overall messy style, with side bangs and the low bun look by making strands peeking out of the bun along with some strands falling over the face.


Bumpits are great with very short hair reaching until the chin line, as they can create a great volume and some drama look to the plain hair. You can try this hairstyle with either straight or curly texture. The only thing to note about regarding thin hair is to backcomb the Bumpits enough so that it does not show through.


Or else, a simple 3 or 4 inches braid style at the front and keeping the sides to hang free, makes the short bob style look stunning.


Simple beach waves with tousled short hair can be a super party look for chin length wavy hair. To style this beach waves, you do not need any brush or comb, as you can use your fingers with a bit of mouse to define these waves.


If you have sleek straight hair, use curling irons to create loose waves to some sections of hair and then mess all of them together for the tousled wave look.


Scattered puff style at the front and combing the remaining hair backwards, gives a stylish look to the normal hair. Keep the puffs scattered with thick strands, which should look messy and not combed enough.

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