Party Hairdo For Women



Everything must be right for a party. After all, this is that one time of the week during which one can just let one’s hair down and dance till dawn. Hence, everything from the food to the drinks to the music should be bang on. And, so should be the style. Nothing like a sharp trendy dress and a stylish hairdo to rock the party night. The best thing about the party look is that it need not always be meticulous.




Waves are a cool way to show off one’s luscious locks. Ashley Greene of the Twilight Saga showed one exactly how to pull of this look with her take on the retro waves. One must make sure that the waves are soft and easily fashionable instead of being crunchy and wooden.




However, if a girl fancies her curls, then she can try adding some serious shine to those bouncy curls. If one needs a reference, then a quick look at the Amazing Spiderman actress, Emma Stone’s magnificent curls will suffice. This is one super look for any party scene.




A girl can also go the Beyonce way with a braid that hangs low and is a bit messy for good measure. But if one fancies an easy to style up do, then look no further than actress Lauren Conrad’s asymmetrical up-do. This style is achieved by styling the hair in a messy chignon such that the strands are free to fall anywhere. Then the hair is twisted with a curling iron from the upwards to the ends.




However, if one wants to go for a classic casual look, then one can look at the American actress, Ashley Tisdale’s half up-do. It is a sensuous take on this style and one can hardly go wrong with it. Just that, it adds a bit of spice to a tried and tested look. And, when the discussion is about party hairstyles, one cannot keep the Friends star Jennifer Anniston out of it. Known for her effortlessly classy looks, her dynamic layers are perfect to complete any party look.


But for girls who want to show off the volume of their thick hair, then Jennifer Lopez’s soft textured topknot with the high bun is the best bet. There is also the voluminous up-do bun as sported by Australian actress Rosy Byrne. This look is both fun and playful and has a beautiful small bun at the back of the hair.


One can also imitate the French, with the French up-do twist as worn by Rachael McAdams. This look is perfect for all age groups and is very classy. Or one can go for a swept-up style with the up-do wispy top knot like Dane Kruger. But, if one likes a bit of intricacy, then the ever pretty Amy Adam’s up-do crisscrossing bun is just perfect.




The options for the perfect part hairdo are just endless. If a girl has enough hair on her head to play with then she can go for quite a few styles that will make her look classy and all set to boss the party floor!

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