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The One Direction boys made it to the big stage after they sang and performed their way to glory on the big launchpad that is X Factor. The Brit boy-band have made quite a name for themselves but it is not just their singing and dancing that makes the girls go weak in the knees.


This English-Irish pop boy band based out of London comprise of Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson. Zayn Malik who was one of the original members of the band left the group in 2015. Now, it is not just their charming good looks that have made them such a hot property worldwide, it is also their sense of style. It was not just what they chose to wear but the many transformations they did with their hairstyles, that garnered them so many eyeballs.




Zayn Malik, started with spiky hair, before moving onto even more spiky hair. And, then came the transformation. He lessened the volume and exchanged the spikes for streaks. The final effect was a blonde streaked curly cue. Soon however, Zayn grew a scruffy beard and to match it, he had his hair shortened and done up a tad messily.


Then, came the period of headbands as he started growing his hair long before eventually letting his locks of long hair loose and only separated at the middle. And, then the long hair disappeared and in came the shaved sides with volume on the top.




When Harry Styles, perhaps the most influential member of this boy band, first burst upon the stage, he had this mop of messy and curly hair. It got even messier a year down the line but then the transformation started. First, Harry ditched the curls and instead went for the more straighter side-swept hairdo. And then in 2013, with the launch of a new album, out went the tresses and in came a “shaggy” wind-blown half hawk. Harry Styles was growing up. So, was his hair.




From 2014 however, Harry started growing it long. When his hair grew quite long, he wore it in a neat and trendy man bun. The fans loved it. But he kept his best for last. Soon enough, his hair was so long that he no longer needed to wear it in a bun and instead he just let the long tresses fall around his shoulders.




Liam Payne, however went in the totally opposite direction. Unlike Harry, he started with long straight hair which later changed to curls. And, then Liam just shaved his hair and still managed to look oh so cool and hip. But he didn’t keep his hair short for long and soon started growing it longer by adding a lot of scruffiness to his shorter hairdo before letting his bangs fall over his forehead over time.




And, then perhaps having been tired with just playing it safe, Liam opted for a drastic makeover. So, in 2015 he shaved off the sides of his hair and his fans feasted their eyes on his new Mohawk type hairdo. That too didn’t last long and he just went back too shaving it down like he had done before.




Niall Horan with his blonde hair was also a fan of the side-swept style before he moved on to a slightly spikier look albeit with some hair gel thrown in the mix. However, the band’s resident Irishman soon dyed the tips of his hair into a much lighter colour before adding some serious volume to the very same tips to complete the ‘rock star look’.




The oldest member of the band, Louis started off with his long hair pasted on his forehead before going for a total windblown look. Come 2012, and he had moved over to a more toned down yet sleek hairdo. But like his fellow band mates, he too went for a light bearded look with a “just-rolled-out of bed” hairdo.




So, these boys have created quite a sensation and are still doing so. Their vibrancy is reflected in not just their energy but also in their style that is ever changing. And, it shows no signs of stopping soon.

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