Ombre Bob Haircut For Women



One of those modern hairstyles that have been quite the talk of the town, is the ombre hair. This look has become quite the trendsetter and makes a girl look hip and elegant at the same time.  And nothing is perhaps more trendy right now than the ombre style on a bob cut. This colour is much loved by the celebrities too.




There are quite a few ways in which a girl can style a bob of ombre hair. Girls with short and wavy hair can go for a dark brown, copper and red ombre bob. This look is a bit messy and can also be coloured in a brighter shade. This look is strictly for all red-head lovers!




But if going all out on red isn’t exactly one’s cup of tea, then there is the chocolate and red ombre mix too. It looks stunning on a sharp and short bob with half of the hair at   the front covering one side of the face. This look is sure to turn heads. But if a girl wishes to colour her hair in lighter shades, then an ombre bob cut with a “beachy” look is just perfect. The base of the hair is a shade of light brown while the ends are almost white with consistent application of hues of platinum.




Then, there is the high angled classic bob for all the ladies out there who are blessed with straight hair. It looks like a traditional bob cut from the front but at the back it is angled to give it a much shorter length. But if boldness is one’s forte and uniqueness is the goal then one can go for the ombre bob cut that is coloured with shades of copper, platinum and touches of red and pink.




One can also go for the classic A-lined ombre bob with a parting at the middle. This bob cut is most suitable for girls with hair that is less on volume. If someone wants to go out of the way to appear bold and daring, then there is the outrageous triple tone bob with hues of, dark brown, dark blue and wait for it, silver!! This look isn’t for everyone though and only those who want a loud and in your face look with their bob cut, can go for this style.




If silver is not loud enough, then one can go for a sea foam green ombre messy bob. This look need not necessarily be dyed on the hair as it can also be achieved by weaving tracks into the hair.






The ombre bob has become quite the fashion statement and has been enjoying tremendous success since its introduction, not so long ago. The best thing about this style is it is suitable for both high and low volume hair types. Moreover, it can be effortless one day and just downright outrageous, the other day. But this style has only just started its journey in the annals of fashion and there is an action-packed future in the offing.

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