Nubian Twist For Black Women



29 Nubian twists for black women


Have you ever seen a black woman with tiny ropes like hair? Those tiny ropes like tresses are called as Nubian twist. It is such a matchless hairstyle which you would love to sport to be the talk of the town. If you don’t know how to attain such a look, and then worry not, we suggest you to get the best Nubian twist extension available in the market. Extension is used to perfect the Nubian twist which is short and soft compared other twists and braids. You can adopt this hairstyle when you are transitional from relaxed to natural hair. As, this particular hairstyle can afford to have extension loose without putting pressure on the scalp. Also, you need to wash your hair only once in two weeks, such a low maintenance hairdo.


We are glad that natural texture of blacks is getting back the limelight which they deserved. They can preserve their hair with twists and braids which gives the feel of having convenient straight hair. The added advantage is that this style is in the trend which helps to be relaxed without worrying about changing hairstyle everyday.


If you are a die-hard fan of twists, then you should know what all you can do with a Nubian twist. Keeping it uncomplicated, just style your Nubian twist in a side swept. Remember that, you should moisture your locks too flaunt your amazing twists.


Fuse your love for cornrow and twist to create the eye-catching cornrowed fauxhawk with your Nubian twists. As interesting as it sounds, this hairstyle will give you a glamourous look. Keep the cornrow in one side and leave the twists to fall on you nape gracefully.


With a central part, get your own minnie mouse look by tying two top knots with some twists. The remaining hair should be let free in the back to flaunt your flawless twists. Don’t get surprised if people call you cute and bubbly with this look. If you are looking for something elegant, then just pull up your twists into an up-do. This will give the desired feminine touch to parade your beauty.


If you are tired wearing an accustomed hairstyle,  then it is time to shave off to form a Mohawk  one side and side sweep the twists in the other side. Make your twist more prominent by colouring in Magenta or Burgundy and make geometrical patterns on your shaved part.


We can’t deny the fact that blonde looks bold on blacks. If you are looking for something which would highlight your twists, don’t hesitate to opt for shades of blonde dye. If you aren’t happy with your look, then go for double shade which will make you look stunning. To spice up your twists, you can accessorize too. The best of all the accessories is berets which is simply classy.


Don’t you think people who lived along Nile River had great fashion sense? So, do us! Many people still sport Nubian twists with such a charm. Hope you too will be able to carry the look!

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