Nigerian Hairstyles For Black Women



Nigerian hairstyles for black women


If you want to learn more hairstyles, then who else can influence you other than Nigerian women? Every single hairstyle of Nigerians is fashionable and beyond belief. You would be wondering how to get such a precise and chic hairdo, don’t worry; we are here to help out. We would be explaining in detail the most prominent hairstyles worn by Nigerian women.


Women get creative to keep their husbands in their hands. But, when it comes to Nigerian women, they get extra artistic. For instance, none will think of turning clapping hands into a hairstyle unless you are a Nigerian. They call the style as Patewo, the braids are entwined in middle of the head like fingers joint together. It looks similar to Mohawk but with braids all over. Just like men look fantastic with their Mohawk, women look no less too. Get your tresses a new look right now; join the Patewo or Mohawk club. Let the middle of your head have a lot of hair with tiny braids on the sides of your head.


Whenever you think about Afro-American, you will surely remember their colourful twists and braids hairstyle. It may look like they spent a lot time on their hairstyle, but in reality, they just came out of their bed. If in case, you are thinking to sport this amazing look, then make sure you keep moisturizing your hair even if don’t wash your hair for weeks. Best colour twist and braids are blue yarn twist, pink yarn cornrow and purple braids.


Still looking to get some authentic Nigerian hairstyle, then you try plaiting your into braids with help of a thread to form the desired shape with your mane. Or, Kolese is the all-back hairstyle, where all the tiny braids are divided with sharp accessories and tied together at the back of the head.


We want to tell you that tribes and villagers of Nigeria have the most ground-breaking ideas which are purely extra-ordinary. Some of their hairstyle may look creepy now but for sure you will admire. They use hair extensions to form different form of over-the-top braids. It can also be paired with beads and shells to accessorize it.  So, there is no wonder that Nigerian men fell flat for this cool hairdo. For sure, you can find blacks wherever you find fashion. You can find nowadays, few Nigerians started to wear this hairstyle with grace.


If you don’t want any of the above for your straight hair, then give an attempt to braid and tuck. Similar to milkmaid, but there is no free locks in the front from this style. All you have to do is just make two front braids and tuck all the hair under the braids. Carry this glamourous look for your next date or party.




Long or short hair don’t matter, all you need is the zeal to look apart from the rest. Flaunt your beautiful face with a tight high bun; for sure you will impress everyone with this pleasing to the eye look. If you want a traditional Nigerian high bun, then you should be trying Suku. The tiny braids in the head are formed in form of a bun at your rear head. Don’t double think, you can sport this look for any occasion; whether it is a wedding or a family house party. For sure, you will rock with such a breath-taking look.

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