Nigerian Braids For Black Women



African braids have always been quite popular amongst the ladies and these braids are renowned for their quirkiness and often also for their outrageous designs. These braided styles carry a uniqueness of their own and also come in a variety of different options. The popularity of the Nigerian braids style has only been growing and it perhaps has every reason to. The number of ways in which one can experiment with these braids are endless to say the least and the primary two focus points revolve around the colour and the length of the hair.




One of the popular Nigerian braids hairstyles is known as the Zizi. This method of weaving comprises of a thin braid and crops the hair closer to the scalp on the front while letting the hair fall freely down at the back. In the case of the Zizi braid, girls can choose between straight and curly amongst other variations.




Another very popular and fast weaving hairstyle like the Zizi  is the Gofre. This Nigerian braid hairstyle which is very funky and very elegant in a quirky kind of way, is best suited for girls with short hair. To get this hairstyle a girl needs to use corrugated kenekalon. Now,kenekalon is also used for the curly Nigerian braid hairstyle. But, this hairstyle is more cumbersome to design.




Nigerian braids also take inspiration from the French with their take on the French braids. These French braids which are closely cropped are perfect for those girls who lead an active life and prefer a low maintenance yet voluminous hairdo to complement their looks. Girls can also go for the ponytail braid  hairstyle. This hairdo not only adds volume but also gives a girl a very classy look.




Another classic style that the girls can ape is the top-knot braid hairstyle. This look like a majority of these braids hairstyles lends a lot of volume to a girl’s look. However, an even classier look is the side swept braid hairdo. This look is perfect when styled on  medium length hair till the shoulders and makes a girl look very chic indeed. Braids and cornrows also look equally stunning on Nigerian girls and is a perfect wedding hairdo for them. But an even more elegant hairdo for the Nigerian ladies on their wedding day is a combination of a flower shaped bun at the back and the hair at the front slicked  backwards and away from  the face.




The girls can also go for the oh so classy high braided bun. This look is not only very voluminous and if a girl has glossy hair, then this look shows it off like no other hairdo.One can also go for a stunning updo with these braids.




So, Nigerian braids surely do pack a punch. There are a myriad of ways in which the ladies can adopt this very popular do. Each of these hairdos however possess their own unique character and lend any ladies sporting them a very demure and sometimes a very edgy look.

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