Nicole Richie Hairstyles



Celebrities are the fashion icons for beauty, makeup and hairstyles, with which we get inspired. In that case, Nicole Richie is not an exception. Nicole Richie is a versatile talent, as she dabbed into so many fields from designer, author, television personality and an American artist.


More than all these talent, she is also a hairstyle trendsetter for which her fans go crazy. She kept on changing her looks from long hairstyle to medium and even short one. Braided updos or twisted styles, are some more in the list.


Initially, Nicole has a medium lengthy hair with which she styled them into wavy texture. The low-fuss haircut is a blunt cut with solid edge, which makes it easy to maintain for every 4 to 6 weeks. Richie shades her hair into golden colored extensions, which make her look classy.


She is a lover of bang style, which makes her to add bangs to all the styles she tried. With straight sleek bangs and medium wavy textured hair, makes her look stylish. She even tried centre parted bangs and used hair bands to add touch to the style.


Later, to a reality show, she refined her golden blond waves with side swept style. The right touch of makeup, suits her golden shade that made her look stunning, for the event.


The ‘holiday braid’ style is one among her style looks. She did her upper section into a messy style and braided her tresses into a tight plait with a color ribbon. This style gives her a feminine and sweet look.


Some hair updos are her stylish ways, to attend an event. Bobby pinned updo, side braided updo, loose updo with a romantic style and raven hair knot, are styles that she tried for her lovely looks. For all these styles, she maintained either straight bang or side swept look.


Nicole then went for, the bob style haircut. Her bob style is the most favorite, amongst her fans. Because, she showed much variations, to the bob, that is completely inspiring and worth recreating.


Her hair has cut into a bob style, with the length touching her neckline and the edges are blunt. She even layered her bob style, so that it frames her face and highlights her soft features. The long side swept bangs along with layer or straight bangs, makes her look flawlessly beautiful.


From sleek straight bob style, she went for the wavy texture. The wavy bob style with bang looks, more elegant. She even layered the wavy texture, to add much style to it.


She is popular for her bob hair colors. Form purple to blue, she tried every rich bright colors. Her lavender bob hair color with waves looked, more stunning and it is an adventurous look. The blue wavy bob look is a serious and bold style statement.


Nicole even tried light blonde shades and darker ones that matched her bob style. As, she is trending with her new looks, one word that describe Nicole is her ‘boldness’. From the styles she go for, it is evident that her look needs bold enough to recreate it.

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