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Nick Jonas hairstyles


The most adorable of the Jonas Brothers, Nick has been our favorite since his days is Camp Rock from Disney. The cute smile, dark eyes and the awesome voice has taken over the heart of millions of girls. Over the past years, he has been growing up ad we must say, he has been growing up into a fine young man and we could not help but take note. With his own solo career and the release of his song ‘Jealous’, he has brought himself back into the limelight, following in the footsteps of his older brothers.


Long gone are his neighborhood cutie pie looks and we have seen a new man now. He had grown and so has his hairstyle. It had gone through series of transformations just as he has and we are here to talk about it today.


When the Jonas Brothers debuted, Nick Jonas was seen with his dark mane in a curly shag which was trending at that time. His long curls were adorable on him as he was a teenager and he showed off his healthy hair with the style.


As he grew, his hair length started decreasing. He kept the curls on his dark hair, but the length had noticeably shortened, which brought him more maturity to his look.


From the bushy curls, Nick went on for lesser with a leaner hair, with loose curls that frames his growing face and started showing off his maturity as the years passed.


He went even shorted later on and put on a short haircut that seemed to change his features and brought more attention to his jaws and the more masculine side of the cute adorable teenager we once knew him to be. Her on out, he started keeping short hair and we think the short looks better on him than the long.


He went scandalous when from his beautiful mane, Nick showed up with a buzz cut. The short hair was a shocker for all his fans and the media. But we seem to think that the buzz cut worked well to put up his image in a transition from a boy to a man.


The undercut that he sported some time later after the buzz cut gave way to show a gentlemanly side to him, which was one of the best hairstyles that he sported. Dressed up in a tux, Nick looked nothing short of a real gentleman.


With his hair clipped very short on the sides, the tapered cut that he sported was another great hairstyle on Nick and we wish he had sported this hairstyle more. It made him appear more stylish and refined.


The pompadour style that he showed up in is another way to show off the mature manly side of Nick, especially with the subtle stubble on his face. The very definition of tall dark and handsome.


We adore how Nick Jonas has transformed from a young adorable teenager with a great voice into a man with all the charms. He has all our support for his solo career and we hope that this one grows more into a smart and successful one amongst the brothers!

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