Navy Haircut For Men

As of late, military haircuts have been trending among hairstyles for men. The standards of the military require short, manageable and decent haircuts that are clean and neat. They are most often not trendy or stylish but most definitely practical.

We are going to look today into the navy haircut for men that has, as of late, been trending due to its perks of low maintenance and sharp masculinity. The right kind of cut can be flattering on a man.

The burr cut is one of the shortest haircuts out there for men, without going all the way bald. The cut features very short hair, close cut to the scalp, growing just about a few millimeters. This requires no maintenance at all and is quite suitable for bulky muscular men. It gives neat profile and is the standard cut for most personnel. But here, we are talking about taking these styles to the common man and the cut suits any man just fine.

The crew cut features short sides, and a shorter, yet still an inch longer hair as compared to the sides on the top of the head. The crew cut gives more hair length when compared to the burr cut. This is also a low maintenance style that men like, and it gives a less rigid appearance.

Regulation cuts features a longer hair at the top and the hair the sides tapering down to the nape of the neck in very short length, almost growing up to no length halfway. This gives the look of having a tapering shaved scalp, with the bald portion going down to the neck. This is a stylish cropped cut that looks best when the front hair is slicked neat to the side.

Other cuts and styles such as the brush cut features spiky hair at the top with the sides tapering down from the crown of the head. The hair at the top is longer and is styled into spikes.

Hight and tight hairstyle shows a short small patch of hair at the top of the head while the sides and the back are close cut to the scalp, almost shaved. The straight patch of hair at the top is kept neat with pomade or any other product, but is never kept very long.

The ivy league haircuts are similar to the brush cut but with longer side hair and a straight brushed up front hair, kept clean and short. These are varying and shorter versions similar to the undercut.

The whole point of military haircut is so that the hair does not bother the personnel while in training, exercise or in the battlefield. Most men are now adapting the military haircuts for its low maintenance and the clean sharp look that it provides, despite it being not as stylish as most other haircuts. However, the styles of the military are practical and for men who are having no time or effort to be spared in maintaining their mane can opt for one of these styles. The overall look would depend on how you carry it off.



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