Natural Hair Updo Ideas



When summer, starts just around the corner, everyone wants to get rid of the irritating hair textures, on the neckline. It is necessary to think about some serious updo hairstyles, which will fit in the summer days and to protect your natural hair from glorious sun.


Natural updos are not only protective, but also could vary in creative style and easy to complete. Finding a go-to hairstyle that fits into your daily routine, will be a lifesaver. Short hairstyles are best for summer, but when you have a long to medium length hair, you can go for these natural updos.


Two braids, twists and faux locks are some excellent options for natural updos. Sometimes, these styles get boring with time. Moreover the great thing about these styles are, they keep your hair ends tucked and protected, which results in reduction of split ends problem.


Ponytails are the most simpler and effective updo to style, easily. You can find variations to these ponies. Pulling all your hair up and securing them some elastic bands is more than enough, to make simple updos. High and sleek pony is a statement making updo, which is even gorgeous.


For exceptionally, curly textured hair you can go for, curly updo with crown braid. A braid that wraps around the head along with your natural curls, pinned up in the top can look voluminous and it is a new way to wear them. You can either, go with rolling up your complete hair and pin them into an updo, which looks like a piece of art.


Rope twisted halo braid, is the old classic and most iconic natural updos. When it is finished, you will look like an angel.


High bun updos are more common amongst, African women. A simple bun style can make you look different, from your daily routine. French braided bun updo is another option, for bun lovers. This is great look for staying stylish, in your workplaces.


Mohawk is a cool style, you can check out the faux Mohawk style that gives you an edgy look. Either buns or braids along with Mohawk style, goes very well. Twisted curly Mohawk is a great way, to extend your beautiful style and it is suitable for medium length hair. These twists offer some bouncy look.




The pompadour hairstyles with an updo, is really a go-to for casual occasions in the sun. This elegant updo allows you to stay cool in the blistering summer days. Normal flat twist updo, with minimal effort is a great option. This style gives you more feminine look, to your overall finish.


However, some styled natural updos are great options that you can wear into, when you are bored with the common look. Depending upon the hair length and your daily routine time, you can still make a wise choice that suits your overall appearance.


The main goal of these, protective updos are to limit the damage, to your hair that environment causes. Most importantly, these natural updos are cute and brave enough to wear outside of the house.

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