Natural Hair Color Ideas



All the hairstyles are attractive, classy and in fact splendid when it is colored. The color of the hair which can be changed according to the style gives a finishing touch smashing to the make- over. It can be entirely the same color or it can be starting with a deeper shade and smoothly fade getting down.


There are plenty of hair colors which will be throwing and overwhelming with a proper hair coloring techniques and with a fantastic hairdo. The significant fact regarding hair coloring is that it should suit the hair and skin tone of the individual. Various hair colors and its compound and composite amalgamations give the over- all hairstyle to have a distinct and different look each and every instance when the color is being changed.


Hair Coloring being one of the significant factors for a gorgeous and stunning make- over the love for which never fades by time and changing trend. However hair coloring carrying its cons of hair damage and other kinds of hair problems for men and women there are simple and natural ways to color one’s hair with the preferred shades.


With the number of creative hair colors, the light and bright colors to hair enhances one’s skin complexion protruding the over- all make- over fantabulous and striking. Hair coloring has the power of differentiating one’s monotonous hairstyle. Besides some extravagant and sensational blending and brew of various color parings natural way of coloring one’s hair is the most welcoming ideology in recent times.


Women and men were astonished with this idea of natural hair color as it gives a package of beauty to one’s hair without getting its strands damaged. However the hair color shades are limited in comparison with artificial dyes.


Henna is one of the fantastic natural hair color product gifted by the nature with its different shades of brown which it provides to one’s hair. Henna contains a pigment known as lawsone. Henna not only helps in highlighting one’s hair strands with an awesome color shade but also helps in binding once hair exuberantly conditioned and smooth with its epidermal strength. However the directions of its usage must be followed. It helps to relax once hair and scalp from dandruff and strengthens the hair follicles.


Coffee being one of the excellent sources of natural hair coloring helps to project one’s hair glowing and leaves the hair strands darker shaded and covers the gray. Teas are also one of the awesome sources of natural hair coloring with its different flavors giving different make- overs for one’s hair.


It is really astonishing to know that even red tints are possible with natural sources of hair color. Using either carrot or beetroot to once hair strands gives and excellent tint of red when they are being mixed together. Orange juice alone when used on once hair strands will make the look radiating with softer reddish orange tint.


Hair coloring protrudes one’s strands with an additional gleam and sleek giving a fairy look for one’s hair make- over. Hence the love and craze for hair coloring is never dying.

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