Natural Brown Hair Hairstyles And Ideas



The brown hair color is the second most seen human hair color, other than the black color. Moreover, the natural brown hair color goes well with all neutral skin colors and gives you a glamorous look than the normal black hair color.


Any haircuts or hairstyles look enhanced with natural brown hair color, as it has the glossy finish style originally. If you do not have brown hair color, yet wish to have, then there are infinite options to achieve natural looking brown color to your hair.


Few factors determine which shades will be most universally flattering for your overall appearance. First thing is your skin tone and the second thing is giving equal importance to know your complexion undertones.


When you have warm skin undertones, then shades of golden brown colors will be a great choice. With subtle shades of golden colors, any hairstyles look more enhanced. Moreover, with layered sleek hairstyles the golden colors, gives you a bouncy effect with every turn of head.


If you do not want subtle or bright shades of golden colors, yet need dark shades of hair. The chocolate brown hue looks similar to the black color, but when the hair exposed to the sun, the chocolate shades glows with shine.


This chocolate brown hair is perfect for long face shaped and subtle warm skin tones.


Beyonce caramel highlights to the natural brown straight sleek hair with pointed tips, makes the face elongated and the hair flowing over the sides softens the structured features.


Considering, color for medium hair length types, the two-tone shades will look great and the two shades make each strands stay distinguished. Along with straight bangs across the forehead, the combination of bright and dark blonde hue’s gives you an adorable style.


Sometimes, along with the same two-tone style, you can even give a very light platinum blonde to the tips alone. This makes the jagged cuts or cropped cuts at the ends look astonishing.


Check with ‘Kristen Stewart’s’ subtle copper blend hair color, with side-swept thick curls at the end of hair looked incredible. You will love this shade of natural brown hair.


For loose curls/wavy texture, a perfect blend of brown and gold makes the wavy strands highlighted. If you want lighter shades of brown, give ombre shades to the wavy lob style.


Sleek asymmetrical lob or bob styles, with rich brunette colors bring a great dimension to the style and soft highlights the cheekbones. When you go for brunette shades, do not mix it with any other color. Maintain the same brunette color from the top to the tips, even to bangs if present.


With round face and dark skin undertones, glossy hair with honey hues will be a great style and the honey hair makes the dark skin to shine. Sometimes, you can give honey hues from the midways to the ends and brown ribbon shades to the top hair, which will be a different choice.

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