Natural Balayage Hair Color Ideas



Traditional highlighting techniques like ombre effects and blonde shades have suffered a serious defeat, after the arrival of new hot method. This new method will make your hair look naturally sun kissed and it is the ‘balayage’ hair highlights.


Balayage is a French highlighting technique, which is the latest dye trend and gained international popularity. It is widely known as the most popular and classic hairstyles. The goal of this technique, it to create a soft, natural looking highlight that looks more modern than traditional color methods.


It is strictly free hand style where the color painted on, and not like using foil or cap. The most important feature of balayage is that, it can work with variety of lengths, textures and colors, making it universally flattering for all women.


The best thing about this is that, it allows you to create your own look. You can even go from highlighting your roots and not from the mid-section. When the color is being applied, the majority of the brush strokes are horizontal and to coat from front and back of the hair strands.


To the front part of the hair alone, the color sweeps vertically with the tip of the help of brush, in balayage. This way, creates the natural sun-kissed highlights. Moreover, the maintenance level is relatively low, as you no need to go for color treatments for about three to four months.


Balayage brown palette color options are endless. You can go from reddish tones of brown or golden shades, varying from light brown to blonde shades. If you want a neutral look, try dark brown for the under layer, medium brown shade with light ash hues towards the ends and very thin ribbons of brown blonde here and there, throughout the hair.


Balayage with ombre mixed achieve an effect of gorgeous dimensional waves, effortlessly. Brunette balayage can made with delicious caramel tones. This color choice will be completely flattering with warm complexions. This mane color will drive you crazy.


This technique goes well with wavy textures. Light shaky waves from the mid to the ends with balayage effects, looks more sexy and elegant. Darker balayage shades, is suitable for sleek and straight textured hair. Gray highlights could bet you more stylish look and it is no more a color for middle-aged women anymore.


Try ‘muted tones’ to easy your way into the balayage, as the subtle shades will blend well with your natural hair color and the overall look is well maintained. The perfect blending application of balayage will leave your color looking like an upgraded version, of your natural shade.


You can keep things interesting for your look, by combining both warm and cool colors with your balayage. The gradual mix will make your hair perfectly suited for any occasions.


If you look more edgy looks, balayage will give you options for that, even with the effect of splash lights. This allows color painted only onto the middle of the strands, which will make you look beautiful and add a touch to your overall look.

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