Nape Undercut Designs For Women



Many women are now going crazy for all edgy hairstyles, which stays trendiest and offers the most stylish look forever. The nape-undercut style will be the best choice, to get the perfect edgy overall style.


Actually, a nape-undercut hairstyle is an extreme haircut, where one or both temple areas cut very short or even shaven sometimes. Moreover, you can give undercut style with short, medium or even long hair types and this style is perfect for women who want to have a bold attitude.


When you are going with the nape undercut styles, keep in mind about your hair length type and make the wise choice. Because, each hair lengths looks great with specific type of undercut styles.


Starting from the short hair length, give complete undercut styles at both back and sides with an A-line ascending design. Short hairstyles with two directions; involve two distinct personalities where the hair is a bit longer and more even on one side.


If you want a simple undercut style, just give a simple V-shaped undercut with prominent lines is a simple making statement look.


For the long locks hairstyle, give a prominent V-shaped undercut pattern at the nape of the neck. Go with three numbers of V-shaped patterns that are a good number and does not feel too much. This is one of the classic undercut designs, which has the right amount of both femininity and edgy look.


Another style is the look of a classic playing-card diamond, which will speak your interest. For a more enhanced look, add another V-shaped line to the two diamonds for dynamism style.


Even flowery undercut patterns, look great with long locks and is an entirely complete different style. Styles like lotus flowers with beautiful triangle symbols or a simple leaf design in a horizontal ways, gives a sleek and full meaning at the same time.


Sometimes, to the sleek long locks, give undercut styles at both sides and back. Give featured subtle patterns to both side and back that blends well together with the traditional hair.


Finally, to the medium length hair types, simple asymmetrical bob style with side and back give undercut style. Style the asymmetrical bob with a feathery style, which covers the sides and coordinate the hair with mood.




Coiled blonde Mohawk, with cropped and curled textures along with the light-dark combinations, results in a perfect mix of feminine style.  Barrel curls on one side and undercut style on the other side, provides height and soft structure to the hairstyle.


Modernized bowl cut provides contemporary updates to the undercut designs at the nape of the neck. Side undercuts with pixie cut, often associates with funky styles. These short styles are some wonderful way to show off your rock and modern look.


In addition, certain optical illusions patterns to the nape undercut styles like geometry cube designs or peace signs of flowers will be some discreet hairstyles. If you can, go with some complex nape undercut styles to give an extreme change over.

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