Mustache Styles For Men



94. Moustache:


Maybe you recently watched an episode or re-run of Magnum P.I. on TV. Or there is a chance that you were watching narcos with the attractive and cool cops. Or there is also a chance that you are just worried about the way your upper lip is and as a result you wish to grow a Moustache. Ask any man and he would tell you that no 2 moustaches are alike. Each is a class on its own. Whatever the reason might be, if you are a man who wishes to grow a moustache then you have come to the right place. You might require a little motivation to get this task done.  As we all know, there will always be people who will try to dissuade and discourage you from this challenge. But remember that if you push away all the naysayers and the people who dissuade you then you may end up with a mush that will be the envy of every guy out there.


You could try getting a Moustache like Tom Selleck.  This is a classy and timeless look. For most people, the very word “moustache” brings up an image of the gentleman also famous called Magnum P.I. This moustache is luxuriant and thick, it’s neat and well groomed. It is basically everything you could wish for in a moustache. While on one hand Selleck’s famous moustache is completely American, some may even say South American, Errol Flynn’s moustache on the other hand is quite Continental It is a moustache that is debonair, and should be carried with charm, wit and a no care attitude. It is a moustache that looks great for the evening. Ron Swanson is known for carrying the serious man’s moustache.  This is a luxurious, thick and full moustache. This moustache isn’t for the faint of heart. So be prepared.


The baseball player look was a popular moustache during the 80’s and is back in fashion today. Moustaches like the handle bar moustache were extremely popular during this time. This mush needs to be worn with some attitude and thump. It is the kind of moustache that always looks good with denim. Richard Roundtree is a man known for having one of the most bad ass moustaches of all time. It is highly unlikely that a cooler moustache has ever graced popular culture. The character played by him of private detective John Shaft is a look that we shall remember for years.


Mahatma Gandhi is a legend when it comes to Ahimsa and non-violence but he is also a legend in the moustache department. You could also try growing a moustache like Burt Reynolds. This moustache was the epitome of class and style. This mush is both busy and streamlined at the same time. The Gunslinger would have to be one of the most bad ass moustaches of all time. It is a look that goes really well with cowboy boots and a dusty trench coat. But keep in mind, not everyone can pull of this mush. So now that you have an idea about some of the greatest moustaches of all time, why not try to see if yours will match that standard.

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