Modern Mullet Haircut Ideas



25. Mullet haircuts for men:


The modern mullet haircut refers to many different types of men’s hairstyles. The mullet haircut is a haircut that is known for having hair that is long all over, especially at the back of your head. In a modern mullet hairstyle, the hair is shorter on top than it is at the sides. This haircut is often seen as an old, out of date and unattractive haircut, but if you can pull off this look then this is the right look for you. Here is all the information that you will require to pull of the mullet haircut.


In the modern mullet haircut, there are two types: The long mullet (one in which the hair at the back is long and the hair the sides are short), medium length mullet (the haircut has medium length hair at the top and front. In this context, the word ‘modern’ refers to keeping the hair short at the front. The remainder of the hair is left free to style as you please. Owing to the fact that this is a broad term, you will see it describing many different kinds of haircuts.


If you are someone who has long hair then this haircut will look good on you. As your hairstylist or the person that is cutting your hair to cut the sides and front of your hair to the length that you desire. Usually in the modern mullet haircut, the sides are relatively short and the front and the top are relatively long. When it comes to the back, the length depends on how long you want to keep it.


The hipster mullet is one of the best haircuts that you could get. It clearly proves that the hipster look can be achieved with any haircut. The vintage natural is another popular mullet haircut. It is a look that is easy to achieve. If you wish to keep your hair long then the classic and long mullet is a haircut that could try. In this haircut you will not have to cut much of your hair. The modern look is not overdone or exaggerated and looks more attractive than the usual classic ones. Pat Sharp is a celebrity that has sported the mullet most of his life and it is one of the things that he is well known for. You could try copying his hairstyle as well.


The wavy push back mullet is an amazing look. It works really well if you have medium length hair. By combing back your wavy hair, it gives a more natural and stylish look. Gel is always one of your best friends if you know how to use it properly. In the sleek and gelled look, with the help of a little gel you could get a great hairdo. The mullet hawk is another popular mullet haircut. This haircut shows how well a classic haircut like the mullet goes with a modern haircut like the fauxhawk or Mohawk.


Now that you have gained inspiration from this article, go and get that haircut that you’ve been meaning to get for some time now. Do not be afraid to experiment as this could give rise to new and interesting haircuts.

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