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One of the most popular R&B singers Monica is also famous for her many hairstyles. The best thing about this lady is that she seems to have up her sleeve a look for every occasion. Be it a formal affair or a casual one she sure does find a way to wow the shutterbugs. And her fans love her hairdos so much that they have come to be known as the Monica hairstyles.




One of her most popular looks is the up do with bangs. This look which is a combination of a bun sitting high on top and forehead covering backs goes hand in hand with the perfect formal dress. But, she also has up her sleeve, the eye covering bang look. This hairdo is a guaranteed head turner anywhere. She sure does love her bangs and loves it even more when it is combined with her curls. The hair on the top in this case though stays straight.




But she has also rocked the short haired look. She looked very pretty in her short haircut with a messy finish on the top at the 2011 Grammys. But that isn’t the only way she has experimented with short hair. She has also gone for a simple short crop with minute bangs on the forehead. Very chic indeed.




Monica however does love a lot of volume in her hair and this was most apparent when she showed up with her hair slicked all the way back into a thick top bun. No curls, no waves. Simply elegant. But then again, when she has gone for the short-cropped look she has added one-sided bangs that looked very sexy indeed.




However, being the experimental woman, she is, she loves a bit of edginess in her hairstyles too. This she showed when she added a splash of red to her small bangs on the front that went with her short haircut look. And, when she has gone the short hairstyle way, she has also paired it with a Mohawk. Edgy yet sophisticated looking.




She has also gone blonde. She went for snap bangs that were coloured a gorgeous shade of blonde. Not only did this make her look stunning but added this drop dead feel about her overall style. But, then in the past she has gone totally blonde as well. This happened when she went for a bob cut with heavy bangs and coloured her hair a shiny hue of gold. Very eye-catching. Very Monica. And, last but not the least she has even gone for a short haircut but one that is finished off with messy and uneven hair.  The look, though simplistic, made her look oh so pretty and cool.




So, Monica is quite the experimental artist when it comes to her hairstyles and she never ceases to amaze us. She knows what looks good on her and doesn’t go over the top like some of her counterparts. Her looks are cool, chic, elegant and sometimes naughty yet playful. And it isn’t over yet!

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